Levana Mars With Mars v2’s Rover credit accounts, users can lend, borrow, spot trade, margin trade, yield farm with leverage and more. All assets are cross-collateralized so each position you add allows you to borrow more. Your Rover awaits at Calc Calculated Finance is revolutionizing the way investors enter and exit positions, all while saving them time and counteracting emotional decision-making. Membrane Membrane is an experimental protocol that uses collateralized debt positions to synthesize credit demand into composable debt tokens that traverse the Cosmos in the form of $CDT. Nolus Nolus is a semi-permissioned blockchain bridging lenders and borrowers in a DeFi money market. With its DeFi Lease, borrowers can secure up to 150% financing on their initial investments, and access to the underlying leveraged assets through whitelisted strategies. White Whale White Whale is an Interchain Liquidity Solutions protocol. White Whale creates a unifying hub for a token’s liquidity and then sub-divides this token’s liquidity in LPs across all the cosmos chains, distributing liquidity where it is most needed. With hundreds of future blockchains coming to the cosmos ecosystem, liquidity will be severely fragmented across the blockchains with shallow LPs. Margined Margined is bringing Power perpetuals to Osmosis. These are a type of everlasting option that gives users exposure to the underlying asset squared. ION ION is the second token native to Osmosis, airdropped at genesis and finding its own use case through a DAO structure. StreamSwap StreamSwap is a swap protocol with time-based token swaps and is primarily used for initial token launches. It is the next generation of Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools & beyond! Quasar Astroport Hovering above the stars , Astroport is a neutral marketplace where anyone, from anywhere in the galaxy can dock to trade their wares.
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