Provide a way for projects to get a snapshot using stIBCX tokens

We are in a time where a lot of airdrops happen to stakers of some tokens that are part of IBCX.

For instance Dymension airdropped for OSMO and ATOM stakers. Airdrops are also happening to TIA stakers which is planned to integrate IBCX.

The fear of using these tokens elsewhere and potentially losing airdrops may prevent people from buying stIBCX, prefering staking the different assets on their own.

If the IBCX community were to build an application to allow projects to do a snapshot including stIBCX stakers, maybe more projects would include stIBCX stakers to their airdrops. This would remove a block for some people that were afraid of losing potential airdrops by staking using stIBCX.

For instance let’s say that the current ratio of stATOM for 1 stIBCX is 20%, it would be great for the airdropping team to input in the app something like “give me the list of addresses that staked at least 20 ATOMs after the 3rd of July”.

Someone holding 100 stIBCX would be qualified since it would mean he is holding 20 stATOM that represents more than 20 staked ATOM.

What are your thoughts on this ?


Hi there. Thanks for sharing this worthwhile topic to discuss.

As you said, there have been many airdrops to those who staked ATOM, OSMO, and TIA.

Besides DYM or ALT, whose airdrop eligibilities already contain stATOM holders on Stride and milkTIA on Osmosis, however, benefiting stIBCX holders in terms of airdrop snapshots could be a bit challenging without help from the protocols’ method itself - stAssets are native to the Stride chain, but stAssets of stIBCX are IBC transferred and they’re on Osmosis accordingly.

In my opinion, however, perhaps there could be some snapshots for holders of stAssets on Osmosis someday as both TVLs of LST and LRT have been increasing, and their ecosystem as well.
If there are some projects that want to give stAsset holders on Osmosis a chance of airdrops, I believe the IBCX contributors could help the process to make stIBCX holders eligible as well.

Anyway, that will definitely be awesome if several opportunity costs get integrated: 1) staking yield + 2) further DeFi opportunities on other chains by LSTs + 3) airdrop snapshot + 4) benefits of index token.

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