Asset Deposits - A token from any source chain

As more and more IBC activity heats up and tokens move around more I’m finding myself using IBC.FUN to deposit non-native tokens on other chains into Osmosis.

Would be great if the DEPOSIT option identified all the tokens a user has on the source chain and allowed them to select which they were trying to deposit.

ex. I have ATOM on quasar that I’ve pulled out of a vault and I want to deposit it to Osmosis, when I click deposit from Quasar chain I could select my ATOM.

So I guess basically asking that IBC.FUN be embedded into the Deposit pop up window :slight_smile:

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Would you rather see the $ATOM showing up on the pop-up when trying to deposit $QSR on Osmosis?

Or rather see all $ATOM on various chains when depositing $ATOM?


Good question!

I was coming at it from the user flow of already knowing where my tokens were at in the realms of IBC chains, knowledge we shouldn’t presume the user would have.

Going to the ATOM deposits and seeing all the locations you could pull them from would probably be a more intuitive implementation with less knowledge required by the user.

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