Bring Function X (FX) to Osmosis

Hi Osmosis community,

I am Indra from Function X. We are building a Layer 1 blockchain on the Cosmos SDK and have also launched an EVM-compatible chain. We are one of the first projects to launch this feature, which is pretty similar to Kava or Evmos, if you are familiar with it.

Some notable projects that built on our Function X chain are Pundi X (a blockchain based Point of Sales project that focused on retail payments) and Margin X (a CLOB decentralized perpetual exchange that has integrated AMM functionality for the order book).

We are planning to bring our token (FX) to Osmosis very soon (approximately by the end of this month). The FX token is the native token of our ecosystem, and it is currently listed on major exchanges like Coinbase, Upbit, HTX (previously known as Huobi), etc. Our plan is to provide ~$400-500k in liquidity on Osmosis upon launch.

We are very excited to be here, and if you guys have any questions regarding our project, please ask them in this thread. Let’s explore more partnerships between Osmosis and Function X together.


Interesting! So you are tradeable at some large CEX before on the main Cosmoverse DEX? Can you elaborate a bit on the reasoning there (just curious)?

The projects you mention (Pundi X and Margin X) are both running on Function X infrastructure?

What makes you different than Evmos or Kava?

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Hi Leonoors,

Yes, our token has been listed on major CEX for quite some time. Previously, the Function X chain was utilized for supporting Pundi X’s retail payment transactions. We started to enable the chain for the public and launched our EVM chain at the end of last year.

Correct, both projects that I mentioned are running on Function X. There are other projects that are live on Function X as well, such as Baklava Space (a yield aggregator from Avalanche) and Fox NFT Marketplace.

Regarding the last question, I would say we are quite similar since we all have IBC and EVM. Two things that make us different are:

  1. Our chain is customizable, and projects can deploy a subnet on our main chain.
  2. We have use cases like retail payment, where we onboard users from Web2 to Web3.

Here is an article for more details:

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Hey indra, great to see fx here.

I’m John from baklava space. We are building a yield aggregator on Avalanche and just integrated Function X a few months ago, with $13 million TVL on both chains. I’m in this forum to explore how we can create something with Osmosis LP. We realized FX also supports IBC, so we are looking for a way to support the LPs here.

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Looking forward to the deployment of ~$400-500k in liquidity on Osmosis DEX! ~ Hopefully within the top 20 liquidity providers.

Additionally, this gives users of Osmosis access to greater TVL and pool routing.

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Thanks! Function X is very excited to be here.

Any insights in when you plan to launch?

Already got validators lined up and all?
Tokenomics designed?
Whitepaper released?

Hi Leonoors,

I am not sure if I understand you correctly, but our token has launched already (

Yeah sorry! I misread, I thought that you would still launch an EVM-compatible chain :stuck_out_tongue:

Just curious, may I know what’s the latest criteria to be included in the “External Incentive Matching program”?

cc @luisqa in here as well.

With the recent proposal to remove all incentives from all but a few pools this no longer exists.
Any proposal would be for a specific spend size and not in any established framework.

Looking forward to your token being traded on Osmosis!