Stargaze Whitelist Address for deployment of Interchain NFT Contracts

Stargaze Whitelist Address for deployment of Interchain NFT Contracts

This proposal seeks to grant permission to the following DAO osmo1s3jmva59c52a49szypwm990pfp6vua2rndptckeevgn5l2evgq8qccgwxn ability to upload CosmWasm contracts to Osmosis without requiring further governance approval on each contract upload. The DAO is conformed by core members of Stargaze.

About Stargaze:

Stargaze is the most used NFT app chain in Cosmos. It features 0 gas for NFT transactions, permissionless NFT project launches, and an Interchain Marketplace.

How does this benefit Osmosis:

Allows Osmosis NFT projects to be part of the Interchain, Stargaze integration and the foundations for a Stargaze outpost on Osmosis.

Contracts to be Deployed

The contracts to be uploaded can be found at GitHub - public-awesome/cw-ics721: CosmWasm IBC NFT Transfers and related to the functionality of Interchain NFT transfers.

Audits Protocol/Ark Protocol - ICS721 - Audit Report v1.0.pdf Audit Report - ICS721 v1.0.pdf


Would that mean that we would be able to trade NFTs on Osmosis as well?

Would this also be limited to Stargaze NFTs only? Or also to other projects which might have the Interchain NFTs enabled like Uptick / OmniFlix (not sure if live already)?

Maybe it’s link to Backbone labs, looks like they are cooking something with stargaze and other NFT platforms :eyes:

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Trading on osmosis on a later phase (outpost) but this enables transferring not only from Stargaze but any other chain that has ics721 enabled like Terra or as you mentioned Omniflix (when they add ics721).

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Will that only be limited to collections initially created on Stargaze?

Or does this deployment support any contract issued on any supporting chain?

Any chain where we currently have deployed ics721 (stargaze, aura, juno, terra2) and more coming soon.

This will also allow NFTs minted on Osmosis to be sent to be tradeable on Stargaze, right?

Yes this is correct, it will allow to be used on Stargaze.


Iris and Uptick also included? They also have ICS721 implemented as far as I am aware.

Why does the proposal list 30 addresse to whitelist for 1 DAO ?
1 should be enough…

The proposal asks for 1 address, but when going on chain it should include all previous approved addresses as well.

It writes the complete list of addresses via the proposal. If it would just be 1 address, then all previous approved protocol permissions would be revoked :slight_smile:

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By the way, there should be a new message that just appends/removes. However, when testing on the testnet, the proposal failed. The Stargaze team pointed out that this may be because of the testnet’s permissionless nature. We’re doing some further testing before using it on the mainnet.
Hopefully, this will be the last one with the huge stream of addresses!

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fwiw Stargaze just passed a proposal to add a single address Mintscan and it worked.