Whitelist Osmosis Foundation Address to Upload Contracts

This proposal seeks to grant Osmosis address osmo1805uk7zjne6rkrge955a3e7cg76f3lx72ndzppn9dxeypwgkqlvqt2fzr5 the ability to upload CosmWasm contracts to Osmosis without requiring governance approval for each contract upload. The address is controlled by the Osmosis Foundation.

About Osmosis Foundation

Osmosis Foundation is a core contributor to the Osmosis blockchain and tooling for Cosmos.

Previous contract uploads approved by governance brought forward by the Osmosis Foundation have included the following:

  • Swap Router and linked contracts, which provide a framework for crosschain swaps to occur.
  • Affiliate Swaps, Allowing integrators using Osmosis liquidity to generate affiliate fees for swaps.
  • Transmuter Contract, Allowing 1:1 conversion of one asset to another independent of the ratio provided.

Contracts to be Deployed

This proposal allows the Osmosis Foundation to upload contracts as updates of previously uploaded contracts and discretionary uploads of future contracts that improve the tooling and applications available on Osmosis.

Target Onchain Date: 21st April 2024

I assume (and sincerely hope) that the Osmosis Foundation will not upload malicious content to the chain, so this proposal should be more like a formality than anything else.

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Yeah we voted yes but just want to echo Leonoor here as well


Great. I hope to read from every other validator how they voted, too.