Abstract Whitelisted Address for Deployment of Application Infrastructure

Abstract CosmWasm Upload Key Governance Proposal

Proposal Introduction:

This proposal is to grant the address osmo1t07t5ejcwtlclnelvtsdf3rx30kxvczlng8p24 the ability to upload CosmWasm contracts to Osmosis autonomously, without the need for individual governance approval for each action. This address is under the supervision of Abstract’s core development team - @abstract


Smart-Accounts: All Abstract Accounts are smart-accounts, and Abstract Applications are Abstract Accounts (and thus, also smart-accounts). This enables full user sovereignty and “self-hosted” DeFi, SocialFi, GameFi, etc.

Modules: Modules are comparable to microservices in web2, serving as application components with a scoped API and following the single responsibility principle. Applications are composed of 1 or more modules and installed onto Abstract Accounts.

Adapter Modules: Adapters serve as standard interfaces that facilitate communication between Abstract Accounts and various external services. They adapt a service to an common interface. Service integrations.


This proposal would allow upload and maintenance of Abstract’s on-chain application infrastructure, including:

  • Module Registry - A “package” registry for smart-contracts.
  • Name Service - For on-chain information like asset, contract, chain (channel) and pools
  • Account Factory - The Factory for Abstract Accounts (smart-accounts)
  • Module Factory - The factory for module creation.
  • Account Manager - Controller contract of an Abstract Account
  • Account Proxy - Vault and proxy contract for an Abstract Account
  • Dex Adapter - Contract with a standard interface for interacting with Osmosis liquidity pools
  • CW-Staking Adapter - Contract with a standard interface for interacting with Osmosis’ liquidity staking module.

A more in-depth overview of these contracts can be found here.

These contracts are key in the operation of interchain apps like FortyTwo Finance.

Abstract’s infrastructure has completed an audit by Oak Security with results available here.


Approval of this proposal encompasses approval for upload and maintenance of core Abstract contracts.

About Abstract:

Abstract builds tooling to make the CosmWasm app developer’s experience as easy as possible. Our mission is straightforward: we simplify the process of developing applications with powerful, easy-to-use tooling designed with developers’ needs in mind. We also provide a platform upon which developers can list their applications, getting access to a wide swath of users, feedback, and mentorship.

Our goal is to enable developers to build more powerful dApps through collaboration, convention, and modularity. We provide a full-stack CosmWasm development experience, including backend, middleware, and frontend tooling. To distribute apps and build a thriving developer ↔ user economy, we are building the CosmWasm application platform.

A good overview of what Abstract solves for developers can be found on an overview of the smart-contract design space on Abstract!

Docs: docs.abstract.money

Contracts & Infrastructure Repository: https://github.com/AbstractSDK/abstract



This proposal is on chain: