Whitelist OBridge Deployment's Address to Upload Contract

This proposal aims to grant the Osmosis address osmo1rwz6xu2nsz9k9cnsnawgz493gqp4kfgk77qvd4 the authority to upload CosmWasm contracts to the Osmosis platform without the need for individual governance approval for each contract.

This multisig address is managed by Oraichain Labs - builder behind the OBridge.

Benefit for Osmosis users

Whitelisting the OBridge deployment address to upload contracts will bring significant advantages to the Osmosis ecosystem:

Universal Swap Support: By integrating OBridge, Osmosis users will be able to perform native universal swaps with:

  • Current support: Osmosis, Oraichain, EVM and Tron
  • Upcoming support: Native TON Bridge with Cosmos

This interoperability will enhance the liquidity and utility of assets across these networks.

Increased User Engagement: The convenience of one-click cross-chain swaps will attract more users to the Osmosis platform from OBridge supporting networks, thereby increasing transaction volume and overall engagement within the ecosystem.

About OBridge

OBridge is an innovative interoperability platform initialized by Oraichain - a leading AI-powered blockchain ecosystem, with key features:

  1. Cross-Chain Compatibility: Supports seamless asset swaps across multiple blockchain eco-systems
  2. Convenient first: Provide an efficient user experience for cross-chain swaps. Available as a module and SDK for easy distribution.
  3. Secure Transactions: Leverage blockchain’s consensus to safeguard assets during the swapping process.



Twitter: @oraidex

Website: https://oraidex.io/bridge/


Looking forward to Oraichain bringing new assets to osmosis!

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Quite cool to see new types of chains being added, by why does it need a smartcontract?

That part is not clear to me from the post. It feels like a bridge, but other bridges don’t need smartcontracts to be able to do their work. So why now?

There is precedent for this type of proposal.

Skip made a proposal in July 2023 in order to leverage Osmosis swap hooks to build a service that simplifies cross-chain transfers, swaps, and fee management. https://forum.osmosis.zone/t/skip-api-contract-upload/45

Similarly prop from Swing: https://forum.osmosis.zone/t/swing-integration-proposal-with-osmosis/46

OBridge’s integration will enable AI Smart Router to access Osmosis pools to provide maximum efficiency when using Oraichain’s Universal Swap.


oooh… TON bridge?? :eyes:


Axelar and Wormhole transfer to their own chain then IBC across - using their own chain as a hub.
Looking at this, is this because it looks to be an any <> any bridge which then needs minting permissions? or is it entirely the routing contracts?

Either way, looking forward to having access to new assets via new bridges!

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