Proposal: Grant Router Protocol the Ability to Deploy Contracts on Osmosis

Proposal Summary:
This proposal seeks to grant the Router Protocol deployer address osmo1n7t0jxal09tayv6tm000lp7dw47cje5qwe5wjc the ability to upload CosmWasm contracts to Osmosis without requiring governance approval for each contract upload. Router Protocol aims to enhance Osmosis through advanced interoperability solutions, asset bridging, and cross-chain communication frameworks.

About Router Protocol:

Router Protocol is a research-focused organization specializing in interoperability solutions. With over three years in the business, our key focus areas include message and asset bridging infrastructure to support the development of high-performance cross-chain applications in the web3 space.

Router Protocol Offerings:

  1. Router’s Asset Bridge:
  • Overview: A secure (trustless), fast (sub-minute cross-chain swaps) and versatile bridge connecting more than 25 EVM and non-EVM chains.
  • Benefits: Enables movement and trading of a wide variety of assets, such as Tron USDT, among others.
  • Deployment: Bridging contracts will be deployed on Osmosis to facilitate these capabilities.
  • Numbers so Far: Close to $400M in volume, 900k in tx count and 335k unique users
  1. Router’s Cross-Chain Intent Framework (CCIF):
  • Overview: A robust library with over 30 adapters abstracting away the complexities of cross-chain DeFi action by allowing users with funds on one chain to interact with dApps on other chains.
  • Benefit: Provides true abstraction for Osmosis dApps, simplifying user experience and facilitating seamless interoperability.
  • Deployment: CCIF contracts will be deployed on Osmosis to enable these functionalities.
  • Case Study: We have helped StakeStone convert close to $7M in ETH (from other chains) to STONE (on Scroll) as part of their StakeStone <> Scroll Carnival.
  1. Router’s Gateway:
  • Overview: A protocol enabling message passing between Osmosis and all chains connected to Router.
  • Benefit: Facilitates the development of cross-chain applications on Osmosis, promoting a more interconnected ecosystem.
  • Deployment: Gateway contracts and lite client between Router and Osmosis will be implemented.

Benefit for Osmosis:

Router’s integration into Osmosis will unlock substantial possibilities, including:

  • Seamless connectivity with multiple EVM and non-EVM chains (Near, Tron, Bitcoin, Solana, Sui in near future)
  • Enhanced asset and message bridging capabilities.
  • Onboarding new users for Osmosis dApps via the CCIF.
  • The creation of more diverse and interconnected applications leveraging cross-chain connectivity.

Contracts to be Deployed:

  1. Router Gateway Contract
  2. Router Bridging Contracts
  3. Lite Client between Router and Osmosis
  4. Router’s CCIF Contracts


Granting Router Protocol the ability to autonomously upload contracts will greatly benefit the Osmosis ecosystem by enhancing interoperability, expanding asset variety, and fostering cross-chain innovation. This strategic integration will position Osmosis as a hub for advanced DeFi applications and interactions.


Excited to work with Router to enable bridging to many new chains! Would be cool to get USDT from Tron added into the new USDT alloy.

Also, they’re very open to adding new EVM chains quickly, will be a good way to start connecting to many of the Bitcoin L2s!


Router protocol gearing up to release new routes! It’s been a long journey and it’s now finally ready for governance.


I am really excited about this integration. I love using Osmosis as my go-to choice for DEX requirements on the Cosmos ecosystem, and I also enjoy using Router Nitro for my bridging needs. Seeing two of my favorite projects coming together is beautiful.

The Tron USDT angle is perfect — would love to be able to move USDT freely between Tron and Osmosis. Also excited to see CCIF adapters built on top of Osmosis.

At Router Protocol, we are very excited for this integration and the sort of possibilities this opens up for the whole cosmos ecosystem.

With Osmosis integration, we can enable chain agnostic experiences for Cosmos users. An example could be an adapter which allow users to stake on various liquid staking protocols from any chain.

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