Proposal to grant Frizzante Finance the ability to deploy contracts on chain

Proposal Summary

This proposal seeks to grant the Frizzante team, specifically the address osmo12hl2vfsd9lzlqpc57tq5am85qv80alpet3lsl4, the authority to deploy CosmWasm contracts on the Osmosis network without requiring prior governance approval.

About Frizzante Finance

Frizzante Finance introduces yield tokenization and trading to Osmosis.

Are you tired of navigating complex processes to access, manage, and bridge cross-chain yields? With Frizzante, gaining exposure to yield, including cross-chain yield, is as easy as making a swap! This is the power of yield tokenization!

Frizzante also offers advanced yield products, enabling you to long or short yield. Longing yield lets you bet on yield increases or turbo farm airdrops, while shorting yield provides a way to secure fixed income from your cherished yield-generating assets.

Frizzante was also recipient of an Osmosis Grant!

Frizzante Stack

Frizzante will deploy the following contracts within the Osmosis network:

  1. Yield Isolation Pool: This contract isolates yield (interest and rewards) into a pool and mints a yield token, which streams all the yield over a set period. It also mints a principal token that allows the holder to redeem the underlying asset upon expiration.

  2. Yield Trading Pool: Functioning like an AMM, this pool enables traders to trade yield assets. It is mathematically optimized for high capital efficiency in yield trading.

  3. Router Contract: This contract includes helpers to facilitate yield trading from the frontend and for other contracts that wish to build on top of Frizzante.

  4. Stride Integration Contract: This contract provides the necessary facilities to integrate Stride’s liquid staking tokens with Frizzante.

  5. Milkyway Integration Contract: This contract offers the necessary facilities to integrate Milkyway’s liquid staking tokens with Frizzante.

  6. More Integrations Coming Soon™: Additional integrations are planned for the future.

  7. Stack Management Contract: This contract is used to manage the Frizzante stack.

Frizzante Security

Frizzante was audited by the Oak Security team, made possible by a grant from the Osmosis Grants Program.


I vote in favour. :+1: