Whitelist Deploydon Address for Contract Uploads


This proposal seeks to approve the address osmo1000000u4vnthyav44r6alfjqdaa78metygdmgt to upload and store contracts on Osmosis, without requiring governance approval for each upload.
Uploaded contracts will grant a DAODAO instantiate access. This way it allows a log of all contract changes to be visible. Unfortunately, a DAODAO can’t upload a contract directly due to size limitations; otherwise the DAO itself would be whitelisted.

The first project to be deployed is Fractal, announced in the Osmosis Grants Program batch #23: x.com

Fractal makes use of ArkProtocol to bridge NFTs from Stargaze over to Osmosis and “Fractionalize” into a token. This token can be used in any DeFi applications, and redeemed back for one of the deposited NFTs. This opens up the ability to sell partial NFTs, DCA into an NFT and ultimately borrow against it.

Enabled collections are whitelist controlled, and will be staggering the release of which collections will be enabled. Each collection can have a customised issuance rate (For example, Bad Kids might be 1 BadKid for 100 $fBad tokens, while Sloths might be 1:1)

Version 1 of the release helps orchestrate the depositing and redemption.

Version 2 will introduce a dashboard and begin tracking pricing of collections and the tokens within their main liquidity pool. This can be used to identify potential arbitrage opportunities.

Version 3 will introduce locks, allowing deposited NFTs to be locked to a certain redeemer.

A full tweet thread will be published outlining what to expect in the coming days with a lead up to launch.

Prior to each major upgrade or additional project deployments, additional details will be shared for collective feedback.

About Me

I’ve been involved in the Cosmos since 2020 and have since made a number of contributions on Stargaze and Neutron. Most notably:

  • DAONuts - NFT Controlled DAO
  • Newts.wtf, a generative AI powered Newt maker that mints as a Stargaze NFT.
  • NFA.zone for memecoin trading
  • NGMI.zone a high/low game
  • Bankrupt.zone: A game where you bid to win the entire pot of assets

If you have any questions or need clarifications on anything ask here, or reach out to me on Twitter/Telegram.



Oh yes!

I like fractionalizing NFTs :slight_smile:
Sounds like quite the good step forwards to add a new functionality for NFTs in general.

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