Whitelist BIG Labs Deployment Address to Upload Contracts

This proposal seeks to grant Osmosis address osmo1cpjfjp8ax7h54qe09g0zxjxtwpdt546my9a5xg the ability to upload CosmWasm contracts to Osmosis without requiring governance approval for each contract upload. The address is controlled by BIG Labs, core contributors to the start.cooking protocol.

About Big Labs:

Big Labs is a software house focused on building applications on Cosmos. We specialize in creating decentralized apps and smart contracts that aim to enhance user experience and interoperability across the Cosmos.

About start.cooking:

Start.cooking is a platform inspired by the success of pump.fun, tailored for the Cosmos ecosystem. It simplifies the creation and trading of meme coins. Users can launch their meme coins by paying a nominal creation fee of 10 OSMO, without the need for initial liquidity. The platform allows these coins to be immediately tradable on a bonding curve. As trading activity increases and reaches specific milestones, start.cooking automatically sets up liquidity pools on Osmosis for the meme coins. This approach facilitates easy entry into the meme coin market, boosts trading volume and engagement on Osmosis.

The Osmosis Grants Program has just approved a grant for the deployment of start.cooking on Osmosis.

Benefit for Osmosis:

The launch of pump.fun has driven hundreds of millions of dollars of volume to Solana and sparked a new meta for defi everywhere. Start.cooking aims to spark the memecoin revolution in Cosmos, concentrating the trading activity on Osmosis.

Contracts to be Deployed:

The contract to be uploaded is the bonding curve contract, which will be open sourced before being uploaded.


Just want to say from the OGP side that we’re incredibly excited to be working with Big Labs to be bringing start.cooking to Osmosis!

We’re just a few short days away from Osmosis’s memecoin revolution ^.^

A longer publication of the approved grant will be going live on the OGP’s website shortly!


Very excited for this! Wish it could be expedited so you guys could just go ahead and deploy :sweat_smile: Launching pools and tokens on Osmosis should be way more accessible, glad to see OGP help address this!

When can we expect the site to go live?


The hope is that by the time this proposal passes everything will be in place for launch :slight_smile:

So, don’t have a guaranteed date, but safe to say very very soon!


Does this product have a virtual liquidity concept?

It uses the bonding curve to enable the trade in absence of liquidity.

is this your first contract being deployed here?
has this been audited?
it may be worthwhile to actually go through the proposal process first to ensure you have the practice on this chain.

I don’t trade shit-/memecoins myself, but it has to be recognized that every ecosystem has its fair share of these assets.

Having the same in the Cosmos-ecosystem is another step in the right direction. If it is linked to an amazing easy UI/UX, then we can get this show on the road!

Yes it might be wise to utilize the testnet considering how many recent launches have been a bit of a mess due to a lack of planning or testing.

I am curious how the platform fee will work. I assume some % of buy orders during the bonding curve stage, similar to pump.fun? Thanks.

Contract deployment on osmosis should be fully permissionless.

Problem solved.

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Hello guys,

may I ask - have your contracts been thoroughly tested (testnet) and audited by a third party?

Thanks for your time

Hey, we have a system of internal code reviews, and we used the week to test on testnet.
We are going to open source the contracts before uploading them.

If anyone want to do a deep review of our code we’ll be more than happy!

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