Reduce Pool Creation fee to 20 USDC

This proposal would reduce the fee for creating pools on Osmosis to 20 USDC.


On Osmosis, anyone can create pools by paying a creation fee. This fee helps prevent duplicate or spam pools, simplifying routing calculations and preventing excessive liquidity fragmentation.

This fee was previously set at 100 USDC and changed from OSMO in Proposal 699.

With the upcoming launch of by Big Labs, the Osmosis meme coin factory, this proposal aims to lower the pool creation fee to a level that would still deter spam but allow users to create new token pools with ease via the platform.

This change may result in the creation of excessive duplicate pools. The router’s performance will be monitored, and if functionality is degraded, a reversion of this parameter change will be proposed.

Target Onchain Date: 15th April 2024


Time for a proper shit/memecoin season on Osmosis :stuck_out_tongue:

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We are inclined to maintain the current pool creation fee of 100 USDC on Osmosis. Although the idea of reducing it to 20 USDC aims to simplify the creation of new token pools, we believe the current fee is already quite reasonable. For now, we believe the status quo is the best course. Let’s maintain our focus on delivering a high-quality swap experience for all Osmosis users, and avoid tempting scammers and worthless token creators into abusing the system.