Reduce Pool Creation fee

This proposal directly lowers the Pool Creation fee to 400 OSMO.


Since the Pool Creation fee was increased in V19 to 1000 OSMO, very few new Supercharged pools have been created.

This may be due to the lack of User Interface for Supercharged pool creation, which currently requires CLI usage. The documentation for this is available here.
However, very few Balancer or Stableswap pools have also been created in this time despite the availability of new assets such as USDC and USDT.

This proposal would lower the Creation fee to 400 OSMO (~$100 at time of writing).

This results in a slightly higher spend than before the change to minimise spam as was being discussed in this forum thread:

We are at a stage in Osmosis where new pools should be being made to find the optimal fee for a trade and this proposal asks that the financial barrier to this be reduced.

Target On-chain date: 27th October 2023

Good to go.

Let’s indeed monitor if there will be more pools created after this change to determine whether the pool creation fee was causing this or whether there are other forces in play.

Will support this. It’s good to have a trial-and-error system, so we can determine the best price for the Pool Creation fee while still minimizing spam pools.

In total support. Current fee is too high, for providing value to Osmosis.