Reimburse 900 osmo to any recent pool creators

I don’t think just about anyone knew about the pool creation fee being increased to 1000, and (speaking for OSL) we have had quite a few complaints come in on different channels now about this.
What I suggested is that we could seek a refund of 900 to each of them (every pool created which cost 1000 osmo, even if it’s more than one per wallet) from community pool funds, considering that is where those fees go anyway.

Now that there’s a discussion regarding the creation fee being ‘officially’ changed to 1000, I will say now is the cutoff for any possible refunds on this.

I have a list of all pool creation transactions [thank you NOSnode for the help here] and I’ll refresh this and check each one manually since there are not very many anyway. I’ll post additional details for this in this thread, which I will link to in the community pool spend request later.

Instead of doing a dozen or more community pool spends, I will just total the amounts to be refunded, and ask that these funds be sent to OSL DAO wallet so we can just do a single multisend to all the affected wallets.

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Makes sense to me.
These funds went to the community pool when spent by users and was not obvious/intended.

Yeah, as long as not officially changed it is not the right way to charge 1000 OSMO. Refunding from the place where the funds go is indeed the best source to pull the required funds.


I Put together a list of user-created pools since v19 upgrade [height: 11317300], starting with the earliest.

The initial ‘Create Pool’ tx list was pulled on 09/24 from the Numia SQL database.
All pool/fee/wallet data was checked and confirmed on-chain from a public RPC.
Here are the jq filters used to gather and format the data. There are two pool types, requiring different filters to reach the end result.


txhash      .txhash
pool        .logs[].events[4].attributes[].value
wallet      .tx.body.messages[].sender
cost        .logs[].events[5].attributes[14].value

'{tx: .txhash, pool: .logs[].events[4].attributes[].value, wallet: .tx.body.messages[].sender, cost: .logs[].events[5].attributes[14].value}'


txhash      .txhash
pool        .logs[].events[5].attributes[].value
wallet      .tx.body.messages[].sender
cost        .logs[].events[1].attributes[1].value

'{tx: .txhash, pool: .logs[].events[5].attributes[].value, wallet: .tx.body.messages[].sender, cost: .logs[].events[1].attributes[1].value}'

There are 15 in total, so I’ll be requesting 13,500OSMO to the OSL DAODAO wallet [osmo1fq3wmetv8xme6v0fn53ujdmtazgz5f04vz3ta9d7qdz8gmrxwpwsy9kelc] from which a single multi-send will be carried out to refund 900 OSMO per pool created to the relevant wallets.

Just put this on-chain… If anyone has a couple spare osmo to deposit I’d appreciate it. I only had the initial 400

In the meantime the proposal is active and can be voted upon.

Finished, just sent out now.