Whitelist Lion DAO Deployment Address to Upload Contracts

This proposal seeks to grant Osmosis address osmo1c4r5kpvkf06wd4t4stmkrx3a4s0y0h6h2mfj9y the ability to upload CosmWasm contracts to Osmosis without requiring governance approval for each contract upload. The address is controlled by Lion Dao and BIG Labs, core contributors to the Savanna Protocol.

About Lion Dao:

Lion DAO is a Treasury DAO built on the Terra blockchain using Enteprise.money no-code DAO creation/management tooling.

Lion DAO is governed by the ROAR token. The ROAR token has 40K token holders & ~$350K of liquidity across Terra, Osmosis and Kujira and a MCap/FDV of $3.5M/$7M. Recently we established ~$75K of liquidity on Osmosis through SAIL DAO, a joint venture between Osmosis & White Whale to bring more external token liquidity to Osmosis.

About Savanna:

Savanna Protocol is a launchpad protocol that has been built in partnership between Lion DAO and Big Labs contributors.

The initial product of Savanna Protocol will be a Lockdrop launch mechanism inspired by the lockdrop launches of tokens such as ASTRO, MARS & NTRN.

Projects utilizing Savanna to launch their tokens will have the benefit of being able to establish liquidity for their token and also generate operational income via a single launch using Savanna’s Lockdrop launch mechanism.

Projects launching on Savanna:

  • Allocate a % of tokens to the lockdrop
  • Can create a single or multi-pool lockdrop (e.g. a single pool with OSMO, or 2 pools with OSMO & USDC)
  • Allocate a % of tokens as rewards to users who lock their liquidity, with reward multipliers for longer locks
  • Receive up to 50% of the deposited assets as operational funds

Users interacting with Savanna:

  • Can deposit tokens in exchange for a position in a CL Pool.
  • Can choose to lock their liquidity tokens in exchange for reward tokens
  • Own their liquidity tokens and can choose to withdraw the liquidity at the end of the locking phase.

Benefits to Osmosis:

Savanna offers an opportunity to the Osmosis blockchain to expand their token launch options. Streamswap is specific to project fundraising and start.cooking is specific to memecoin launches. Savanna offers a middle ground between the 2 launch mechanisms with the dual benefit of establishing liquidity and operational funding in a single launch mechanism. If Osmosis wants to continue to grow and attract projects to build on Osmosis, a wide range of launch options is an attractive feature.

Moreover, the start.cooking team is eager to leverage Savanna for the launch of the $COOK token, showcasing the protocol’s versatility and enhancing Osmosis with new initiatives.

Contracts to be Deployed:

The contract to be uploaded are the lockdrop contract and the pool manager contract, allowing projects to create and run lockdrops.


We oppose external teams whitelist to upload smart contracts. Osmosis already provide very short on-chain proposal voting periods allowing more than enough flexibility for developers. This governance is a lifeline of defense. We shall not degrade it.


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Hey there, Pro Delegators!

You previously voted YES on Prop #766, to whitelist BIG Labs and allow them to upload smart contracts from their memecoin launchpad start.cooking. Our proposal, also developed in partnership with BIG Labs, is nearly identical to #766.

This proposal, #789, is intended to whitelist another launchpad project developed by BIG Labs, called Savanna, a new token launchpad with a lockdrop mechanism…

I’d like to invite you to reconsider your vote. Prop #789 is identical in principle (and even most of the language) to Prop #766, it comes from the same team that you voted to whitelist previously (BIG Labs), it will allow for bootstrapped tokens to launch on OSMO without overwhelming governance, and most importantly, it will help bring volume to the chain.

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