Upload Affiliate Swap Contract

Passing this proposal will upload the Affiliate Swaps contract to the Osmosis chain.


The Affiliate Swap contract is designed to facilitate token swaps with affiliate fees on the Osmosis chain. This contract incorporates affiliate fees into the transaction process, allowing affiliates to fund the integration and maintenance of Osmosis usage on their platform.

The contract charges a configurable affiliate fee for each swap transaction, deducting the fee from the swap amount and transferring it to a specified fee collector address. By default, the affiliate fee percentage is set at 1.5% but can be adjusted as needed to a maximum of 10%.

This feature encourages additional integrations and rewards affiliates’ contributions to the Osmosis ecosystem by enabling a sustainable revenue source for apps to fund infrastructure. This will increase the number of frontends and applications that utilize Osmosis’ liquidity on the backend.

Contract Information

Contract Release: https://github.com/osmosis-labs/affiliate-swap/tree/main/bytecode

Git Commit ID: b50639a6c53736b290de226af4135926619cc96d

Code Location: GitHub - osmosis-labs/affiliate-swap

Compiler Version: cosmwasm/workspace-optimizer: cosmwasm/rust-optimizer:0.13.0

Checksum: d38e9cf4ad68401c28a8ac1f47abec4bf09a4058e1a4bad23d55292ca98ece3b

Target On-chain Date: 30th August 2023

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O yes!

Outposts + Affiliates can be a killer-combo.