Enable Superfluid Staking for WBTC pools

This proposal would enable Superfluid Staking for OSMO pairings of WBTC.

These pools are:

Adding these pools to Superfluid Staking allows users in a Classic pool or who have a passive position in a Supercharged pool to stake the OSMO portion of their liquidity.

At the current 25% discount rate, 75% of the OSMO in a position is able to be staked.

This proposal asks whether governance trusts in the stability and security of WBTC natively issued on Osmosis sufficiently to allow it to have an influence on Osmosis governance.

About WBTC

WBTC brings Bitcoin liquidity to Defi by providing a token usable in smart contracts, backed 1:1 with Bitcoin verifiably held by a community of Custodians.

As an ERC-20 token on Ethereum, WBTC has allowed Bitcoin liquidity to be used across DeFi use cases rather than being restricted to trading on Centralised Exchanges.

WBTC is now available as a native token on Osmosis with the same issuance and redemption process

Website: https://wbtc.network/

Target on-chain date: 20th February 2024