Enable Superfluid Staking in Lower Fee equivalent pools of existing approvals

This proposal would enable Superfluid Staking for lower spread factor OSMO pairings of tokens that already have Superfluid Staking enabled in a higher spread factor pool.

These pools are:

Adding these pools to Superfluid Staking allows users in a Classic pool or who have a passive position in a Supercharged pool to stake the OSMO portion of their liquidity.

At the current 25% discount rate, 75% of the OSMO in a position is able to be staked.

All tokens involved in this proposal have previously been approved by Governance on Osmosis sufficiently to allow it to have an influence on Osmosis governance. This proposal asks that this be reconfirmed for these lower spread factor pools.

Target on-chain date: 20th February 2024

Just to make sure we are on the same page; pool #1347 is OSMO/TIA.
With higher spread you mean a pool like Pool #1248 which is also OSMO/TIA but with the 0.2% spread factor?

Exactly, we have SFS enabled on all these pairings in 0.2% spread factor pools, so this shouldn’t really have any issues passing unless one of those should be revoked.

Thanks for the feedback!

In that case, go!

I think we did it for incentives in general to approve the asset and not specific pools.
Should we do similar for SFS? To approve the assets and the accompanying pools? Although it might also be that every SFS-enabled pool need to go through governance?

SFS needs approving on a pool by pool basis because of how the params work, however we were really judging the assets.

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