Upload the new version of Pyth Network Contract

Passing this proposal will upload the new Pyth contract (v-1.3.0) to the Osmosis chain.


Pyth Network is an oracle that publishes financial market data to multiple blockchains. The data is sourced from over 80 first-party data providers, including some of the largest exchanges and market making firms worldwide. Pyth provides real-time price feeds — updating once per second — for 200+ assets including crypto, equities, FX and more.

The upgrade enables new gas optimizations which reduces the cost of updating price feeds even more.

Contract information


Thanks for sharing the information!

Is Pyth not already used on other chains as well?

Is the code checked during testnets and such? Also deployed on the Osmosis testnet?

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, it is being used on multiple chains at the moment.
The code has been checked, tested and audited.
You can find the CosmWasm report here in section 3.3:

The code is already deployed and tested on osmosis testnet.


And the same code applied on the other chains will be implemented on Osmosis, I guess?

Correct, this would be the exact same code compiled for osmosis chain.

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That is a good thing imo, since the code has been tested (and is being used) on other places already giving it some trackrecord.