Ultra low swap fee supercharged pool incentives

This thread will aim to track the overall migration of volume based incentives to lower fee pools.







Do you intend to make a snapshot on a regular basis so that we can see a trend?

Or how do you want to track the development of the liquidity?

I have a script update it but google sheets was not cooperating. Will fix

This falls under the scope of our mandate in the Protocol fee sub-DAO, as suggested by @LeonoorsCryptoman , we double down and confirm that we could make use of your sheet if it was able to include regular snapshots. Please let us know if/when you can achieve this.

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@Govmos @LeonoorsCryptoman, Johnny Wyles has come up with a sheet much better than anything I could produce. Linking it below. However I’m pleased to report that empirical evidence would probably rate this a great success so far. In just 2 days since receiving incentives, the 0% ATOM/OSMO pool is already 2nd for ATOM swap volume and nearly in top 10 of all pools by volume. It should be mid-high top 10 by early next week at this rate.

I’m surprised by the level of liquidity in the pool hahaha

A higher liquidity than the 0.01% pool with an APR of nearly 25%… vs a 0% pool with 0% APR. But still more liquidity in the pool. Shoot me how that is possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Can that be related to the VSG where OSMO incentives make up for the loss of swap fees?

Have to say I’m impressed so far!
Those two pools are now doing over a third of the ATOM volume and they are still growing/don’t have particularly efficient positions in them.
Each epoch they are taking slightly more of the vsg and so get greater growth potential.