UI for Transactions History

Hello there,

I’m a frequent Osmosis user because it’s easy to use. However, I find it very difficult to see my tx history like in a CEX.
Something easy to read, unlike mintscan where it’s impossible for me to have those infos easily:

  • tx type: swap, in/out of pools or Dapps, transfer ibc/bridge
  • Amounts
  • Status: succes, failed etc…
  • Date

Would be nice to have a tab for that that would include and kind of copy the “Transfert History” section that is already on the UI.


Maybe it is best to check with the OGP if it would be possible to create an open request for it.

And others can check these requests to see if they can build it using on-chain data :slight_smile:

Yes I was just about to create a new discussion about this exact issue. This will help Osmosis grow into a DEX for all assets. Also you are spot on with mintscan not being a great option for viewing transactions. It takes way too much time to have to click on every sway transaction to determine which assets were swapped. I hope this gets integrated soon for better user experience.

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I was going to post the same thing.
Love osmosis and I love my keplr but trying to get clear trx histories is a bit of a mystery.
A feature like this would be super helpful for tracking my defi activities.

Just fyi, this is in progress. No specific timeline yet, but it is something we are actively working towards.

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try this one – chainscope

see above, I am surprised how few know about that explorer given how much nicer, useful and easier to use it is than mintscan