Being able to 'Watchlist' LP besides Assets

Trading between specific assets, e.g. SOL and OSMO, having charts in USD doesn’t make much sense. It’s much more helpful to see the price movement between the specific assets you’re trading instead. This data is usually unavailable through charting sites like CMC, CG and the likes.
The LP also shows the specific trading data for your swap.
For those adding to specific LP’s (e.g. DCA), this could also help highlight your favorite LP’s.

With this you mean to have an insight in how the assets you have in the LP are moving in $-value compared to each other?

Kinda like the ratio ATOM/OSMO is shown on this page?

But then in $- equivalent if you win or lose being in a specific asset?

that could be one purpose. but personally mostly interested in being able to track assets i’m trading within that pool. e.g. the price of sol /osmo or scrt / osmo. neither of these pools pop up on dex screener for some reason, but both pools show price between these assets. something that no charts show.