Swap conversion rate display(both directions)

Anyone else wish they could see both conversions rates when swapping or be able to pick which one you want to display.
Especially when buying with usdc or other stable coins.
Here I would rather see the amount of usdc each osmo costs.


To make it a bit more tangible; you want to see both the conversion rates?

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Absolutely. That would help me immensely.

I second this, you can do it like Jupiter (jup.ag) where you click on the price and it switches directions, actually Osmosis could copy a lot of feature from Jupiter, its one of the best UIs out there… Another related suggestion is to display the price AFTER price impact and trade fees, since this is the price a trader actually receives on their order, it’s much more useful information. and since Osmosis clearly already has this info it should not be difficult to implement


Bump. I also want this. In fact it’s (nearly) the only thing that matters.

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The expected amount of funds received is already given; the nuance is to include also the expected $-value of those expected assets?

no i mean include it in the calculation here:

Maybe create a picture what you want to achieve as a final picture, that removes a lot of questions what you are aiming for.

its as simple as this:

you pay 10000 USDC for 15348.54 OSMO, the UI shows the price is 1 USDC = 1.543 OSMO. This is the price before including the price impact and swap fee (and potential slippage, but let’s ignore slippage). But in actuality, you are getting 1.534854 OSMO per USDC. The real price paid is the only information that is useful to a trader. So, it would be much more beneficial to show the price as 1.535 (and also have the option to convert it to the price of one token i.e. 1/1.534854 ~=.6515$/OSMO, as discussed above)

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Left picture is how it is now. Right picture is how we want it. When buying I want to see how much each AKT costs in USDC(the asset I’m buying with).

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The swapping is easy on this app. :star_struck:strong text


I thought the same few days ago when swapping coins. Had to switch my assets from/to to look again the price of the desire coins in USDC and wonder why it wasn’t already display this way. In support of this

Also, when swapping osmo to atom, you only see the osmo/atom conversion rate. Could be interesting to lock the USDC equivalent rate of the receiving asset for any trade what so ever the tokens you used to swap it from. What I want to know is at what exact price in USDC I swapped this token.

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i love to swap in osmo

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Prefect I can get your point

Agreed. Small addition, giga QOL/UX boost.

@Alex1 You made some valid points with the USDC value needed to be seen.