Deeper Insights On Osmosis

Gm Osmosis!

For context, I’m a member of We’re a blockchain analytics firm and we work with protocols by giving high-fidelity insights. We have our own data product which we use to perform analysis and deliver insights to protocols like – Compound, Tezos, ICP, QuickSwap etc.

Recently we took a look at Osmosis’ gas fees which soared to $380k in Jan 2024 compared to less than $20k in August 2023. That’s a 1700% increase in six months.

A few more interesting stats:
• Daily active users up from 7k a day in Aug to 33k a day in Jan
• Over 130k new addresses interacted with Osmosis in Jan
• TVL touched 7 billion last month, a 3x increase since August

As part of our research offering – we make charts and tables on Twitter and also make monthly factsheets and quarterly reports on protocols.

Would love to know from the community – what kind of data helps the Osmosis cause? Be it metrics to track, niche reports, etc. We’re open to building dashboards and creating research pieces for Osmosis.


I would love to be able to see some actual details (both overall, and per-wallet) on LP activity, specifically overall value of liquidity/positions (in dollars), current and historical/average PnL (including swap fees, and with a filter to show specifically oinly swap fee earnings, per-wallet – this part is important).
Finally some measure of IL or a clear graph showing IL or value fluctuations per-position/per-wallet in each pool, and a comparison of this to simply holding either asset alone in your wallet and not providing liquidity at all.

I realize this is a huge task, and it needs an enormous amount of data to provide this stuff, but it’s something that I feel would be extremely valuable to both users, and to the platform and the people who actively work at maintaining the balance between user retentian/growth and sustainability of the protocol.

If this sounds like something you could do, there are some existing data services/api providers here that may be able to save a lot of redundant/wasted effort, so please reach out!
Inversely, if it seems difficult or imposible due to [whatever info/data is missing or difficult to obtain], also reach out for the same reason!

Totally agreed on this, where people can learn the effects of their trades and actions and use that to approve their trades.

If that would result also in some pro-active advices on the Osmosis front-end when an user wants to make a swap showing how they can maximize their outcome, that would really be the most awesome outcome. Since Osmosis would in that case be THE place where experienced AND new users can achieve the most with their funds.