Title: Verifying $GEO and $DOKI: Exploring Assets in the Odin Protocol Ecosystem

The Odin Protocol ecosystem, anchored by its main governance coin $ODIN, includes two of its already listed assets: $GEO and $DOKI on Osmosis.Zone. The verification of both assets on Osmosis is essential to ensure further economical growth of Odins eco.

Understanding the Odin Protocol Ecosystem:
At the heart of Odin Protocol lies $ODIN, a governance coin that empowers holders to participate in key decisions regarding the protocol’s development and direction. With a community-driven ethos, Odin Protocol aims to establish its position in driving innovation of the blockchain space and AI services.

Introducing $GEO and $DOKI:
$GEO and $DOKI are two already known multichain assets with different functionalities and use cases and serve to enhance utility of Odin Protocols ecosystem. While $GEO represents a digital asset with geolocation-based features, $DOKI introduces unique functionalities tailored to the gaming and virtual worlds sectors and just adds more color to the dry and highly technological landscape of the Cosmos Ecosystem. Both assets are designed to complement $ODIN’s governance framework and contribute to the ecosystem’s growth.

Verification Process on Osmosis.zone:
The verification on Osmosis.zone is crucial for establishing credibility and trust within the blockchain community. By undergoing the verification process, $GEO and $DOKI demonstrate their commitment to transparency and legitimacy, paving the way for broader adoption and participation. It´s also a part that must work out for concentrated liquidity pool creation.

The Team Behind Odin Protocol:
Central to the success of any blockchain project is the team driving its development and vision. The Odin Protocol boasts a talented and experienced team of developers, researchers, and industry experts dedicated to realizing its goals. With a track record of innovation and collaboration, the team inspires confidence in the future of the protocol and its associated assets.

The project´s backgrounds can be researched here (If you´re still not familiar):




Please see the requirements for Verified status on Github and submit a PR to the assetlist repo after confirming that all requirements are met.
Signalling proposals on chain are not the method for this.


ah sorry I gave him bad direction here, I think he wants to gauge the feeling around whitelisting these so they can make a CL pool.

I wonder if that should also be handled by a small subdao rather than the full governance process

Ohhh, as in that GEO/ODIN and DOKI/ODIN CL pools are wanted?

If these are directly related to each other and users often trade between them then that is indeed something that the subDAO can handle:

They look to be tokens in their own right rather than fragmentary aspects of ODIN though, so maybe make the USDC pools and we can monitor typical trading patterns to confirm that people want to swap between the two.

I’ve seen some demand for removing the whole concept of Quote assets… we’re looking into this too since the router got upgraded since this choice was made.

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