Signaling Proposal to Verify TORI Token as a Verified Asset on Osmosis

Greetings Osmosis Community,
We believe TORI’s verification on Osmosis aligns with our mutual goals of expanding and enriching the Cosmos ecosystem. Your support and feedback on this proposal would be invaluable to us.


  • A YES vote indicates your support for removing the unverified status, enabling Teritori (TORI) to be displayed as a verified asset on the Osmosis front end.
  • A NO vote signifies your preference for retaining the unverified status for Teritori (TORI), which includes continued warning labels and additional steps for token exchange.
  • A NO WITH VETO vote implies that you believe this proposal could be detrimental to Osmosis, and that the proposers should be penalized, including the forfeiture of their deposit."


Teritori, a Cosmos SDK Layer 1 blockchain and a superdApp. Our utility token, TORI, is instrumental for governance and serves as a means to access the diverse features of our superdApp, which includes:

  • NFT Launchpad & Marketplace
  • DAO Deployer
  • Multisig Wallet
  • Play-to-Earn (P2E) Games
  • Onchain Social Feed

Further Information and Links:

Onchain Metrics:
90-day Active Accounts: 9,470
Total Accounts: 55,293.

The TORI token was launched on October 3, 2022.
$TORI has been traded on Osmosis for many months, Osmosis Pool 816, and will soon be available on CEX.

Thank you for your consideration.


To complete the above information:
Teritori “super-dApp” could be seen as a decentralized operating system, gathering several Web3 features, dApps and networks into a single app. (web, desktop, mobile).

As example, to understand the long term vision of the product, in the current beta version you already can go in the dAppStore and add Osmosis Dex swap feature in your own Teritori :

Here you’ll find the last Q3/Q4 detailed dev report:

Here, our repo:

Here you’ll find Teritori OS roadmap:

Cheers from Paris,


Teritori is the ibc chain that I am using most of all since it’s start. It really deserves to be verified in my opinion.


It’s about time for $TORI to get accredited for its reliability and validity.


Tori is must-be network on Cosmos so Osmosis as well. Hope to see it’s to be verified soon.


As an early investor in TORI, I recognize the few difficulties encountered but the team is working all the harder and is listening to the community, it would be a pleasure to see TORI fully listed on osmosis, it is one of the tokens I use frequently on osmosis! A lot of ground has been covered and this is just the beginning, Tori has my full support, I can’t wait to see what the future holds !


It’s about time. Teritori good. Please verify sers.


Couldn’t agree more with this proposal.

  • $tori has been traded on osmosis for a year

  • Teritori team has already created several projects such as P2E, NFT launchpad & marketplace, social feed, multisig wallet creation and others.

  • Recently Teritori dapp was added at Keplr “Interchain Ecosystem” section.

  • Teritori was added at Map of Zones, based on which it has last 30D: 337,910 transactions & 4,418 IBC transfers.

  • Teritori is validated by well known validators in Cosmos ecosystem such as:

  1. Allnodes
  2. Cosmostation
  3. Cosmospug
  4. Citadel
  5. Polcachu
  6. Oni
  7. Frens
  8. Golden Ratio staking

I´m very glad to see things seriously moving forward! There´ve been some useful implementations recently that I really like. And soon, I think lots of other users from EVM and other ecosystems will like, aswell. The free tool for COSMOS chains to create Multi Sigs is very unique and is also really cool.
Teritori has constantly delivered and if they finally can make the The R!OT Ethereum happen in the next week, they deserve to get listed as verified, as that has been the most awaited feature since, which unfortunately has constantly been delayed.


Tori should definitely be a verified asset , been swapping since it was on frontier! Let’s get this done Osmosis !


I will vote Yes! TORI is one of the best community project on Cosmos


Tori is a great token with only growing utility. A strong team which nevertheless built a very strong marquet bear from which it was not spared. I hope that Osmosis will validate Tori for the well-being of this great project.


I agree with listing TORI as a verified asset. It is a project which has been working on products for a while now and has shown to have the intention to stay. Getting the asset as a verified asset will make it easier for a lot of people to find the coin on the main page of Osmosis which might benefit the project as well.
As far as I am aware there will be no cons related to this proposal in this specific case.

I don’t like all the comments from accounts which are clearly here as one-timers to support this proposal after which we will never see them here again. I would rather see a clean thread with people talking about pros and cons.


For info, the listings team have added this form where a project can submit evidence for the verification process:

  • Legitimacy 3 X :white_check_mark:
    • Brand presence: A well-designed project website or well-curated content on content platforms; e.g., a blog, Medium, YouTube, X, etc., and :white_check_mark:
    • Community presence: Active community channels/following on X, Discord, Telegram, Reddit, etc., and :white_check_mark:
    • Developer presence: GitHub organization with active development on open-source repository(s). :white_check_mark:
      • Note: (merely forking a chain or registering a token does not qualify as ‘active development’)

There used to be liquidity incentives matching but not anymore.


If the idea here is to keep token verified status props off-chain then the requirements document should be updated to not list exactly that as the first criteria for eligibility.


Hello Osmosis Community,

We have submitted a signaling proposal, and it is now live. We appreciate your votes and support!

Yep, this looks as though it sends a different message to proposal #528, which looks to leave maintenance of the Osmosis website in the hands of Osmosis Labs

Stakecito ABSTAINed from voting due to prop #528 and the additional governance load created from submitting a proposal when the decision should be made by Osmosis Labs via the official application route (the form Johnny has linked)

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Sharp eye @nostradamus

So according to these guidelines (I didn’t check them, stupid me) Teritori is following the exact route which is prescribed. Via governance approval it can fill the form. Changing to a “Yes” here.

@JohnnyWyles is this something which can be reviewed / revised to avoid governance overload?

Yes - have passed on to listings and this has been removed from the file. Proposal 528 was clear that governance doesn’t directly dictate the listing on the main frontend.