Apply for the "verified" Token status for our dApp token "nRide"

Hey there,

i would like to take a proposal online to achive the “verified” status for our dApp nRide token.

First, a short introduction and some socíal links to our project:

nRide is building one of the first smart-contract powered ride-hailing app, directly competing with solana’s teleport ridehailing app. We are seeking to integrate osmosis crosschain-swapping into the app, enabling drivers and riders to seamless top up their in-app balance or fund withdrawal for the drivers. Thanks to metamask cosmos snaps it would be easy to millions of users using third-party apps like squidrouter or rango exchange, to swap virtually every token on every chain into nRide token within a few clicks. To get listed in the squidrouter app, its mandatory for a token to have the “verified” status set by the {keyword osmosis:main} flag in the assetlist.json. This proposal seeks to achieve this status and get this flag approved by the osmosis team.

Here some links to our social meda:

if you have some time, check this video from junocommsdao:

thanks so far, regards, daniel

Ok, so far no replies, but i’d like to provide some further informations:
I took a look at some passed proposal, and as it seems, for example gelotto did an onchain proposal to get accredited. I have a couple of IONs currently unbonding to use them as deposit fee, but it would be interesting to me though, if there are certain criteria have to be met before proposing an onchain proposal. We started with a 20k$ Liquidity pool in March, but due to osmo price decline from 1.50$ to 0.20,$, the pool Liquidity vanished to the mere todays value of just 6.5k$. The initial funds were granted as a prize from '2021 NKN Network Hackathon, and we want to refund them someday, of course. Of course the trading volume is quite low, because only a bunch of people (me including) are accumulating in small steps, but there have been almost no sells in the last month. I don’t want to wash trade or whatever artifically “improve” the trading metrics, thats not my kind of age.

Concerning the projects vision: we know, its way harder to get something like this into reality, you have to deal with another kind of adopters: not tech-savvys and financial experts, our customers will be usual people, of course crypto-affine in some way, but no technical experts. In our vision, everybody in the world, who has metamask mobile wallet on his phone, should be able to top-up his nRide app balance within less than 5 clicks (or taps).
We’re focusing on areas with a high crypto adoption rate within the society, like Hongkong, Indonesia, South Korea to name a few. There are even cab and uber drivers that are into crypto these days, probably they are even more tech-affine than most of their passengers.
Along with driver reward programs and social media campaigns in the native language of these areas, we hope to ignite the spark in that field and to surpass that critical mass it takes to start the famous networking-effect.
Of course its still a long way to go, but other competitors don’t sleep in that field. For example
The nRide token has been minted from the daodao’s framework.

The current token distribution of course is quite focused on the head development team, but with future OTC trades to investors and supporters the distribution will flat out within the DAO’s voting power.
If there are any concerns about the projects reputation, please let me know beforehand the proposal will go on-chain. Our lead dev has a linked-in premium account, so feel free to contact him if you are concerned about the projects integrity…

The requirements for verification on the frontend are laid out here:

Looking at the status of your project the routes would either be a signalling proposal on chain as this is, or brand legitimacy from improving your presence and user base.
A project that is relatively unknown doesn’t have much reason for governance to approve a special case listing though.

Do you have a roadmap available for what steps you want to take?

Did you already do some in-the-field tests with local cab/uber drivers to get their feedback on the system and try to get some early adopters?

What makes you stand out in comparison to the competition?

I will prepare an oversight on tokenomics and expected revenue streams within the next two days and post them in here as soon they are ready… so thanlks for your attention and your patience…

No problem. But I think adding some insight might be added value indeed.

If it clearly outlines a solid insight in what nRide can bring to Osmosis it might have a bigger chance of passing.

For info, the listings team have added this form where a project can submit evidence for the verification process:

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