Osmosis naming [name.osmo]

There should be a feature to change/delete your name (the name.osmo). Seems crazy that this isn’t available.

Hello, I’m not sure what name you’re talking about (name.osmo ?) and I probably need some more information but i’ll try an answer.
I believe the problem is about decentralisation,.
To store the name associated with a wallet we need a database and that would kinda break the full decrentralisation of osmosis front-end.
To be clear when I run the frontend locally it should be exactly the same as any other online version, but with this database the username will not be shared.

To answer that some companies try to bring some name systems to the blockchain like https://ens.domains/ for ETH and for cosmos I believe one day most cosmos Dapp will be plugged to https://app.icns.xyz/ or something like that. You can see some of them on DAODAO.
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Other solutions are generated names (random or based on some datas like IPs or wallet address) like the strange generated avatars (based on the username’s hash) or some random animals but that would be quite useless here since there is no direct users interraction.

Another solution is to store on cookie but still useless here and cause personnal data issues, if you just want to add your name the easiest way is make a quick user script with violent monkey currently IMO.

They are indeed referring to https://www.icns.xyz/ because of the .osmo , I have passed this on to the team that work on this.

I think the DAODAO implementation uses a combination of this, the Stargaze names and the ability to set your own name within DAODAO itself.
As social tools like DAODAO become more popular the requirement for a naming service definitely increases.

Thanks, I understand better, it seems handled by the abci_query rpc endpoint.

There is another method for daodao names (GitHub - DA0-DA0/pfpk: pic for private key)

Not sure how .osmo a retrieved yet but I believe it’s abci_query too

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