Earlier today I posted a whole bunch of long-winded commentary in the DAODAO governance proposal topic, And I think it might have been too long winded, so here are the stipulations that I would like to see added:

  • Contract code and front end code licensed to osmosis in perpetuity for the use of any osmosis project

  • Explanation of the role of the DAO token in the operation of DAODAO on osmosis

  • Information about the DAO token

My long-winded post contained a lot of negatives that I believe are well worthy mention, and I wanted to make a separate second post to make clear that I do think that DAODAO is the best tooling for constructing daos in cosmos and that it perfectly can well benefit osmosis.

Would it not be beneficial to make your 2nd post in the same topic? That way people will more easily find your positive side of the reasoning :slight_smile:

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I made it in a separate post so people could more easily find the positive