Whitelist the Enterprise App


This proposal is to add the address osmo173vt7uu92ycn4vtj5fk3n9mw7rrtdd9nhf8m5ump53uxj3q9czss4qc8km to the team whitelist. Whitelisting this address will give the Terraform Labs (TFL) team permission to upload the contracts necessary to enable Enterprise treasuries on Osmosis. Enterprise will provide the Osmosis community with top-notch tooling for DAO governance and treasury management, making it easy for apps and communities to grow and scale on-chain. As the largest interchain DEX on Cosmos, Osmosis is ideal for Enterprise, allowing all Enterprise DAOs to access the Osmosis DEX and other protocols, which will bring increased transaction volumes and on-chain engagement to Osmosis.

About Enterprise

Enterprise is an all-in-one platform for managing on-chain organizations. A suite of products designed to support businesses and decentralized organizations alike, Enterprise leverages hybrid-Web3 design to make managing on-chain organizations easy.

Enterprise’s flagship application is Enterprise DAO, a no-code platform for managing and engaging with decentralized communities. With Enterprise DAO, users can create and manage DAOs built around tokens, NFTs, or multisig wallets, all in a user-friendly interface. The app allows users to stake tokens or NFTs to a DAO, post and vote on proposals, distribute rewards, and manage a DAO’s community treasury.

In the near future, the Enterprise Hub suite will also include:

  • Treasury: a decentralized custody protocol and collective asset management platform, for organizations that want to manage public wallets with private accounting.
  • Payments: a composable payment streaming protocol that allows users to submit recurring payments, execute vesting, and more.
  • Labor Market: a two-sided marketplace for organizations to search for labor and for job-seekers to identify opportunities.


The Enterprise Hub Suite is designed to be cross-chain by default. By enabling Enterprise, Osmosis will join the interchain DAO ecosystem, allowing users to stake NFTs and tokens from Osmosis while taking part in a wider community.

Enterprise was built to fill a need: Web3 lacks comprehensive business management tooling, essential for any successful project. The Enterprise Hub suite will equip communities and projects on Osmosis with essential tools for effective business management and lay a solid foundation for the next wave of Web3 applications.


The address to be added to the team whitelist is osmo173vt7uu92ycn4vtj5fk3n9mw7rrtdd9nhf8m5ump53uxj3q9czss4qc8km. This address is managed by the Product team at TFL. Whitelisting this address will allow the Enterprise team to upload the necessary contracts as outlined in this proposal.




Once the governance proposal is approved, the Enterprise contracts will be uploaded to the Osmosis chain. After enabling the contracts, users will be able to use Enterprise to create DAOs, manage DAO assets, and interact with applications on Osmosis.



This is awesome!

Really excited to see another DAO tooling suite on Osmosis.

What does the timeline look like for a full production launch, including front-end integration? The Osmosis Grants Program is currently looking into multisig options for its next run (assuming our governance proposal passes). Would be great to explore enterprise and compare it to some of the other options we’re looking into.

Feel free to DM me on TG as well @robomcgobo if you’d rather take the conversation to DMs!

All in all, super excited for this. Easy yes.

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Competition is always great, I think its a good idea having a second DAO tooling suite on Osmosis.

Question: What are your main differentiation points from DAO DAO?

And, as far as I am aware the Cosmos SDK native groups-module (not sure if activated on Osmosis) can also manage the things mentioned here.

Does it need to be a smart-contract or more like an SDK-native item?

Enterprise DAO’s strengths are its user experience, ease of rewards distribution to DAO members, rapid addition of more cross-chain treasury options, and upcoming DAO portfolio dashboards powered by Pulsar Finance.

User experience is at the core. Enterprise DAO is designed to be as seamless as possible for users, so that all they need to do is connect their wallet, stake their tokens or NFTs, and start engaging. This is especially powerful for DAOs with treasuries on multiple chains, as users won’t have to worry about using different fee tokens to vote and engage. Some of these features are still being developed for cross-chain DAOs, with a big update slated for January and others after that. This proposal’s passing will mean that Osmosis will get them as soon as they’re ready.

The team is actively expanding cross-chain treasury options. Currently, Enterprise DAOs can deploy treasuries on Terra and Migaloo, with plans to add five additional chains (including Osmosis) in the next month.

Rewards are also really easy to distribute to DAO members on Enterprise DAO. Go to a DAO, Rewards tab, click Deposit. This enables new DAO structures that can reward their members for membership or governance participation, and even allows for anonymous airdrops by generous community members!

Enterprise is also planning to integrate Pulsar dashboards, so that users can leverage rich, cross-chain dashboards and access detailed information about how DAO treasuries are growing and being utilized.

Hope that answers your question!

Thanks for this extensive reply, it helped a lot to clarify things.

Sounds good to me.

Are DAO’s significantly different than the Cosmos-native groups module?

Yes, DAOs are significantly different. The Cosmos-native groups module allows for the creation and management of on-chain multisig accounts. Enterprise DAO does that, plus it offers features like reward distribution, token/NFT DAOs (in addition to multisigs), configurable voting periods, DAO info like socials, names, etc.

Thanks for the explanation.

I’m not entirely familiar with the groups-module, but I have only heard from it from the sidelines.

More DAO tooling sounds awesome! Also, exciting to see TFL getting involved with Osmosis again!

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