Migrate the Osmosis<>WhiteWhale Pool interface contracts to latest code_id to complete integration


as part of the SAIL deployment, White Whale has deployed interface contracts (v1.0.0) so that Osmosis users can see and trade the White Whale pools on the Osmosis frontend.

Those contracts got pool ids 1461, 1462 and 1463.

Due to a bug in the contract, the integration with the Osmosis frontend was not successful. After we fixed the bug and tested the integration for a few weeks on the Osmosis Testnet, we uploaded the new contract with version v1.0.1 on prop 742.

As a last step to complete the integration of Osmosis with White Whale, the interface contracts with pool ids listed above need to be migrated to the new one, i.e. v1.0.1, that got code_id 572 after prop 742 passed.

You can find the details of the new interface contract in the following forum post.


Is the address of WhiteWhale not whitelisted for contract uploads?
Meaning that the change of pool IDs does not need to pass governance?

WhiteWhale has a daodao address whitelisted indeed, but the cosmwasmpools can only be created via governance. We could ourselves upload and instantiate the said contract but it wouldn’t be hooked into the Osmosis pool manager, for that it needs to go via a governance prop, it’s a safety mechanism Osmosis has put into place.

That being said, when you create a comswasmpool the admin of the contract is set to a governance address, so we can’t just migrate them if not via a MigratePoolContractsProposal, which is what we intent to do now as the final step.

You can see the cosmwasmpool props here.


yes you are right , I think will better

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