Fix Whitelist the Osmosis<>WhiteWhale Pool interface contract -> Prop 742

The Osmosis<>WhiteWhale Pool interface contract allows connecting the Osmosis pool manager with White Whale pools. It translates the responses and messages the White Whale pools use to the interfaces Osmosis expects to operate based on the CosmWasm Pool Contract Interface specification found here.

This completes the White Whale deployment previously discussed in the SAIL proposal.

Contract information

Release: v1.0.0
Compiler Version: cosmwasm/optimizer-arm64:0.15.0
Checksum: 6f884e470d3e99b5745d8dacfa8e2c09e8ffcacabe062e1f4d412ef24e0b0c4f Code repository:
Tag: v1.0.0
Commit ID: 2001cd7

New prop 742

So the contract mentioned above, v1.0.0 had an issue preventing the Osmosis pool manager to integrate correctly with the interface contract.

After weeks of assistance by the Osmosis team and testing the end-to-end integration on the testnet, we got the green light by the Osmosis team to push the new contract to the mainnet. Ideally, proposal 742 would be a MigratePoolContractsProposal, but due to a bug encountered while testing this on testnet (and fixed here) we were instructed to move forward by uploading the patched contract instead since the MigratePoolContractsProposal fix requires a chain upgrade and it would take some time to get it through.

The fix for the interface contract was done here.

Contract details

Release: v1.0.1
Compiler Version: cosmwasm/optimizer-arm64:0.15.0
Checksum: 500a57b6d62b7f00648aca57b87ccb615b0950dcfa04a4b3e7b9f437979dffaa


We already whitelisted addresses in proposal #716:

Is this a new requirement? Not foreseen at that time?
Or how come do we find a new contract which we need to approve while I (and possibly others) expected that we had whitelisted all we needed in 716?

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Good question!

Yes apparently to upload cosmwasm pools you need to go via another entry point, uploading the contract using the regular store command wouldn’t work. According to the documentation, cosmwasm pools need to be uploaded through UploadCosmWasmPoolCodeAndWhiteListProposal or MigratePoolContractsProposal in case of migration instead of the usual StoreCodeProposal .

So that’s what we are doing. Notice the contract we are uploading, i.e. the osmosis-cw-pool, is just an interface between the osmosis pool manager and the white whale pools that we have already deployed. This will allow users trade on the white whale pools directly through the osmosis frontend.

Prop is live now! Proposal #723 | Osmosis | Keplr Dashboard


Is everything on the up and up with this proposal? I’m going to defer to the experts in this governance situation. I’m just getting started learning about decentralized governance.


Hi Matt, this is a missing piece in the original SAIL proposal, found here.

Even though the White Whale team has a whitelisted address for contract uploads, we learned we can’t just upload this one as we would do normally since it needs to be done via the specific proposal as i mentioned above.

Cheers and welcome!

Thanks for the feedback!

In its current form it will pass :slight_smile:

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