Clean up CWPool Whitelist

This is a maintenance proposal to remove legacy CosmWasm pools from the creation whitelist.

CosmWasm Pools

The CosmWasm pool module allows the creation and management of liquidity pools backed by CosmWasm smart contracts that are fully integrated within the main Osmosis pool structure. This allows new experimental pools types to be implemented without a software upgrade and quickly iterated upon.

Current Whitelist

Code ID Pool Usage
148 Transmuter 1.0 Used for several equivalent pools that will not be migrated
254 Transmuter 2.0 No instances
503 WW 1.0 No instances
572 WW 1.0.1 No instances
580 Astroport 1.0 1 instance, no assets present
641 WW 1.0.2 10 instances - Active
666 Astroport 1.0.1 1 instance, no assets present
773 Astroport 1.0.2 No instances
814 Transmuter 3.0 3 Instances - May be migrated in future
839 Orderbooks 1.0 No instances
842 Astroport 1.0.3 12 instances - Active
867 Transmuter 3.1 Active
885 Orderbooks 2.0 Active

Proposed Changes

This proposal removes the obsolete versions of Transmuter, White Whale, Astroport and Orderbook pools to simplify the maintenance of routers and to prevent the creation of pools based on legacy codes which have since been patched.

New Whitelist

Code ID Pool
641 WW 1.0.2
842 Astroport 1.0.3
867 Transmuter 3.1
885 Orderbooks 2.0

Target Onchain date: 11th July 2024


Fine by me to clean up the list.

Correct me if Iā€™m wrong; the old Astroport instance without assets are no risk at all for users? Since there are no assets involved?

Yep, have checked with the team here. Existing pools are unaffected anyway, removing from this list just stops new ones being created.


We definitely support the proposition to clean this list. We would also like to remind that we should be very careful with whitelists, as they constitute potential security vulnerabilities.


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