Celatone: A Smart Contract Explorer for Osmosis

Explore, deploy, execute, and query smart contracts on Osmosis from a user-friendly web UI

Celatone has launched their interactive smart contract explorer on Osmosis!

Built by Alles Labs (github), Celatone allows both developers and regular users to find, view, query, and execute CosmWasm code on-chain using a user-friendly graphical interface.

The arrival of Celatone brings Etherscan-like smart contract interactivity to Osmosis. (Mintscan is a superb block explorer, but it cannot be used to explore and interact with smart contracts.) On-chain smart contract development allows teams building on Osmosis to work with greater speed and efficiency.

Celatone is available on Osmosis mainnet and testnet for web-based contract interactions and deployments, with support for local chains also coming in a future release. It is an invaluable addition to the expanding set of Osmosis smart contract tooling that includes OsmoJS, Telescope, and the Beaker CosmWasm development environment.

Taken together, this suite of contract development applications makes it easy to build in the quickly-expanding Osmosis Ecosystem.

Feature Highlights:

In the screenshot above, you can see the initial projects approved by the Osmosis DAO and uploaded to the chain.

With Celatone, users and developers can explore, query, instantiate, and execute these contracts, all without needing to use the CLI or write their own scripts.

The information available as you browse through these menus includes details about on-chain code: who uploaded it, who can instantiate it, and a list of the contracts that have been instantiated from it. Further, each of those contracts has its own details page with information about the assets held by the contract, the instantiation message, its cw2 information, the historical transactions, migrations, and proposals related to that contract, and more.

For instance, within the ApolloDAO project, you can find their fixed multi-sig code, and instantiate a contract for yourself (while the custom-built Apollo UI may still be easier for most). Celatone can act as a secondary frontend to interact with dApps in case the main frontend experiences any issues.

Alternatively, if you want to query a contract, you could go to the Ion DAO, check the governance contract, and query it for (to use something easily readable), the number of proposals.

Note that the interface suggests and formats queries for the user, and it also provides translations between CLI, Python, CosmJS, and Axios. It also gives useful formatting messages to help with any errors.

Full List of Features:

  • Explore, Deploy, Instantiate, Execute, and Query
  • Search for IDs and contract addresses
  • Save code & contracts that you are interested in, or that you have written, for quick access
  • Auto-save codes and contracts previously stored or instantiated by a connected wallet address

In Development:

  • Pages for accounts, transactions, Osmosis pools, and other details
  • Local chain support
  • Run automatically with LocalOsmosis & Beaker
  • Additional data
  • Interface for creating and submitting “store code” and whitelist proposals

The addition of Celatone to the Osmosis Ecosystem is a huge productivity booster for CosmWasm developers, and for non-developers, it provides a fun and useful way to explore and interact with the chain.

The UI is smooth and easy to use, and likely to attract more contributors to the ecosystem. Further, Celatone is an add-on, not a replacement. It can be integrated with existing workflows to make certain tasks easier.

Finally, Osmosis is only the first chain to be added by Celatone. As CosmWasm spreads across Cosmos and the IBC-connected world, it will add support for more chains as well, opening up its use cases to include cross-chain contract deployment, queries, and execution. All from an attractive, all-in-one UI.

Celatone plans to expand into a full-featured block explorer, integrating the best features of excellent explorers like Mintscan and Big Dipper with complete support for CosmWasm and becoming the Etherscan of the interchain.

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Sounds good!

Which makes me wonder though; I assume it is a different team than the Osmosis team?
Maybe better if they post and reply themselves?