Add Supercharged Pools for CRO, MATIC and BNB

This proposal would create new Supercharged Liquidity pools.

  • OSMO/CRO 0.2% Spread

  • OSMO/MATIC 0.2% Spread

  • OSMO/BNB 0.2% Spread


During the rollout period, the creation of Supercharged Liquidity pools is permissioned by governance as established in Proposal 532.

Choice of Pools

This selection of pools creates Supercharged counterparts to a selection of OSMO/MAJOR Classic pools representing around 2% of liquidity on Osmosis.

These will be the first volatile pools added to the CL structure and are the three highest liquidity Classic Major pools outside of the large ATOM, ETH and WBTC pools.

The spread factors match the current spread factors used on the prevalent Classic pools.

Target On-chain date: 26th July 2023

Followup Proposal

This proposal would create migration links between newly created Supercharged Pools and existing Classic pools.

  • OSMO/CRO with 0.2% Spread.

    • Migration Link established from Pool 9 to Supercharged Pool XXXX.
  • OSMO/MATIC 0.2% Spread.

    • Migration Link established from Pool 789 to Supercharged Pool XXXX.
  • OSMO/BNB 0.2% Spread.

    • Migration Link established from Pool 840 to Supercharged Pool XXXX.


During the rollout period, the migration of Supercharged Liquidity pools is permissioned by governance as established in Proposal 532.

This proposal enables users to migrate liquidity directly from a bonded position in the listed Classic pool to a bonded position in the linked Supercharged pool. This allows users to maintain Superfluid Staked full range positions.

The migration link also transfers OSMO incentives provided to the Classic pool to the new Supercharged pool, with liquidity being treated as a full-range Supercharged position, receiving a 5% discount on incentives to encourage migration.

Target On-chain date: 31st July 2023

Just wondering out loud if there is more value in attracting bridged liquidity for ARB, AVAX, & FTM if supercharged pools were created for them first.

Since d0bbys analysis for an ARB/OSMO pool showed the strongest correlation between those that have bridged MATIC, BNB, and ARB does it make sense to add supercharged ARB pools too and take advantage of that correlation?

To be more transparent here, I didn’t want to skip over DOT and AVAX to reach these smaller pools or load too many pools at once. Both of these may also have the native versions launching (Composable and Landslide), which might complicate any migration process that doesn’t involve our upcoming Transmuter pool type.
Happy to add ARB to this if consensus is that it is worthwhile from that analysis. This is still a beta period though and so I thought 3 pools was a good amount.


The ARB analysis popped into my head when I saw MATIC and BNB together.

Don’t know how much of a difference it would really make, especially if ARB is in the next round. Would be curious to know what d0bby thinks since he did the analysis. He may have one of the best understanding of what the data is really trying to tell us here and whether adding it here really has much value.

Just thought it was worth mentioning.


Upon drafting the transaction for this I discovered that the pools need to be created and then a migration link established with the newly formed pool number.
This means that this has had to be split into two proposals.

The first will create the 3 pools as originally intended, going up tomorrow and live on Monday.
The second will link these pools with the Classic pools, allowing liquidity migration and incentives for the Supercharged pool. This will go on chain on Monday 31st and live on Saturday 5th.

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