stOSMO/OSMO Supercharged Pool Creation

The objective of this proposal is to create a Supercharged Liquidity pool for stOSMO/OSMO with a 0.05% Spread.


During the rollout period, the creation of Supercharged Liquidity pools is permissioned by governance as established in Proposal 532.


There are two main reasons we suggest to list this pool:

  1. The creation of this pool would allow liquidity from the Stableswap pool to start migrating to the more efficient Supercharged Liquidity pool, which is ideal for Liquid Staking Derivatives such as stOSMO.
  2. The new Supercharged Liquidity pool, coupled with the Stride stOSMO redemption rate contract, will potentially be used by Mars to price stOSMO. As such, creating this pool would allow Mars to propose listing stOSMO on the Red Bank and eventually on Farm.

Target onchain date: 21st September 2023


Fully onboard. Let’s do it!

Best to wait a little bit for the passing of prop #634 ^^

That will give you more options yourself.

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It pretty much comes down to:

  • Make a pool permissionlessly but pay 1000 OSMO
  • Propose one to governance for a 1600 OSMO deposit
    I can see why they may want to still go ahead with this to save the funds.

I can as well, but it still depends if we should want it.

Using governance to bypass paying a small fee (talking about roughly $300 here…) is not the way to go.