Create Supercharged pools for ATOM, ETH, USDC and stATOM

This proposal would create new Supercharged Liquidity pools and add migration links to the existing Classic pools.

  • OSMO/USDC 0.2% Spread, Linked to Pool 678

  • OSMO/ETH 0.2% Spread, Linked to Pool 704

  • OSMO/ATOM 0.2% Spread, Linked to Pool 1

  • stATOM/ATOM 0.3% Spread, Linked to Pool 803


During the rollout period, the creation of Supercharged Liquidity pools is permissioned by governance as established in Proposal 532.

The creation of Migration links is also permissioned by governance and allows users to move liquidity directly from a bonded position in the established Classic pool to a bonded position in the linked Supercharged pool. This allows users to maintain Superfluid Staked full range positions with no disruption to rewards.

A migration link also transfers OSMO incentives provided to the Classic pool to the new Supercharged pool, with liquidity remaining in the Classic pool being treated as a full-range Supercharged position that receives a 5% discount on incentives to encourage migration.

Choice of Pools

This selection of pools covers all pools exempted from creation and migration in Proposal 571 due to liquidity size.

The linked pools represent around 61% of liquidity on Osmosis.

The spread factors match the current spread factors used on the linked Classic pools.

On passing, this proposal would leave the only natively incentivized pools not migrated:

  • Stableswap pools, which are not undergoing migration

  • Those with a Base/Quote 18/6 pattern, which will be proposed after a future upgrade proposal.

While ETH has an exponent of 18 it is the Quote asset in this case, enabled by Proposal 580, allowing the supercharged pool to be created.

It should be noted that migration of incentives only applies to the Osmosis incentives. Existing external incentives on a classic pool will remain in place. This is particularly relevant to the ATOM/stATOM pool.

Target On-chain date: 23rd August 2023 or after V17 launch, whichever is soonest

Excited to see more supercharged pools get launched.

I guess we will migrate most of the liquidity to Supercharged as being more efficient, so not much against it :slight_smile: