wBTC.axl Quote Asset

this is a friendly shitpost to make wBTC great again
I suggest going onchain with this text prompt because the reasons for which this is needed are obvious even to unacquainted readers; wBTC must not be good right now.
wBTC.axl quote asset compliments native wBTC because as seen with Noble transmutable USDC.axl liquidity still requires liquid and functionable markets.
Make wBTC.axl great again by adding it as a quote asset.


I don’t know what most of this means but I do agree having multiple lanes for major assets is a good idea.

However… There are two sides to this coin. The other being increased damage ir either of the intermediaries experiences some unfortunate event.

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WBTC going through final onboarding stages:

We definitely jumped the gun with switching, probably should have just added an alternative quote asset, but WBTC and a composability pool should be right around the corner now!

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Just to be sure; the “composability pool”, was that where different versions of the same asset are joined together to get one “BTC” version on the frontend?

And the rest of the magic happens on the backend?

More like how USDC and USDC.axl worked. Free transfers between the two, but provided by altruistic maintainers.
We haven’t voted in any “Alloyed assets” yet, and I don’t think we should rush into them since you can’t currently on/offboard constituent parts without a full migration of the token.

Check, so in essence that would mean we could / would also get 2 CL-pools potentially if someone wants to pool an asset against wBTC as quote asset?