Replace WBTC used as Quote Asset

This proposal would change the Quote asset used in the creation of Supercharged Liquidity pools from axlWBTC to natively mined WBTC.


Quote assets restrict the combinations of pairings possible in Supercharged Liquidity pools to improve routing as mentioned in Proposal 532.

Quote assets in use are USDC, USDT, DAI, (axl)WBTC, ETH, ATOM and OSMO.

This proposal would change the quote assets permission to use the tokenfactory denom for natively minted WBTC rather than the IBC hash of the WBTC bridged via Axelar.

This causes all future pools using the WBTC quote asset to use the native version on Osmosis. Existing pools are unaffected by this change as quote assets are validated only at the point of creation.

Target on-chain date: Latest of 4th September 2023 and Native WBTC Launch

Logical choice for now, although I am also looking forward to the discussion which will come when nBTC will be available.