Update Quasar Whitelisted Address for CL Vault Deployment

The proposal is to grant the address osmo1vxq5h3encfyguulqeh26l8dlw9lavl3e2zw7n8, a multisig managed by the Quasar Association, permission to upload CosmWasm contracts to Osmosis without further governance approval. This new address replaces the current Quasar association address (osmo1ed6ezqx9t4e9sfm6nfgulq3005umrh6hkclagk) for improved internal management.

Key Points:

  • Quasar is actively developing CL vaults and adding new features to them. The whitelisted address will be used to deploy updated smart contract code for migrations.
  • Two strategies for each CL vault will be deployed: short range (higher yield & volatility) and long range (lower yield & reduced volatility).
  • The goal is timely deployment of multiple CL vaults for user accessibility.
  • Previous discussion: Quasar Whitelisted Address for Deployment of CL Vaults
  • Previous on-chain proposal: Mintscan

About Quasar:

Quasar is at the forefront of building the primary asset management hub within the Cosmos ecosystem, serving as a gateway to various yield opportunities. We have collaboratively developed the official ICQ implementation and pioneered IBC-enabled CosmWasm contracts & Concentrated Liquidity vaults.

Comprising a global team passionate about enhancing the Cosmos user experience, we are not only pushing IBC technology forward but also making it more user-friendly by abstracting its complexity away from users. Our ultimate goal is to emerge as the premier yield aggregator across the entire IBC.

Quasar is dedicated to guiding users towards utilizing vaults, which we believe are the optimal tools for most individuals, especially those in CL. Since our inception, we have maintained a clear value, incentive, and vision alignment with Osmosis. Our ongoing collaboration with Osmosis will not only facilitate a distinctive user experience but will also enhance yield opportunities beyond our current offerings.

For more information, visit Quasar website.

So in short, you request to replace the current whitelisted address by a new whitelisted address?
Will you also include (or put in a separate proposal) the removal of the other whitelisted address?


It’s one proposal - it swaps them out since the full list is resubmitted


Thanks! That is good to hear!

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