Possible synergy proposal between OpenfabricAI and Osmosis

Good day Osmosis team!

I’m Louis Savvyy, from OpenfabricAI. A leading platform democratizing AI development, empowering individuals of all skill levels to build and deploy AI applications at a global scale.

We believe in collaborative growth and we share that vision with partners like MEXC, KuCoin, Chain GPT, Space ID, Eessee, Dmail, and DeChat.

Osmosis’s commitment to empowering web3 users through seamless cross-chain swapping and building tools deeply resonates with our mission at OpenFabric AI. We see exciting potential for collaboration in creating unique and accessible AI experiences for users on the Cosmos network.

I’d love to explore these possibilities further and discuss potential collaborations. Would you be open to a chat to brainstorm together?

Best regards,

Louis Savvyy


I think we can always find people willing to think along :slight_smile:

Based on your experience with the mentioned partners; can you give a small glimpse of your ideas what could be beneficial for Osmosis? I like to see your direction of reasoning :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey there!

We appreciate your willingness to collaborate and share your insights.

We believe our expertise in AI development tools and fostering strong community engagement could potentially offer valuable solutions for Osmosis users and developers.

If you’re interested in discussing potential collaborations further, we’d be happy to schedule a call to delve deeper into these possibilities via our calendly: https://calendly.com/ioan_taban/30min


Louis Savvyy

I am firstly curious what kind of areas and topics you can derive from your experience from the past :wink:

That will also give others some ideas and insight in your line of reasoning ^^

I think its an AI chatbot that youre talking to😂

I like chatbots hahaha

They don’t complain that much xD

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