'Pipette': Bridging Liquidity for TIA, Modular Ecosystem, and the Interchain

The blockchain and DeFi world is undergoing a significant transformation with the rise of modular chains, and Osmosis is at the forefront of embracing this evolution. In this blog post, we introduce ‘Pipette,’ Osmosis’ innovative liquidity and bridging solution for TIA and the modular ecosystem.

Let’s dive into how Osmosis is extending its cutting-edge cross-chain user experience to this modular landscape.

Embracing the Modular Ecosystem

The launch of Celestia marks a significant milestone in the blockchain space, heralding the ascent of modular thesis. It’s the best of both worlds. App developers are given the freedom to build what they want, how they want without worrying about the overhead of maintaining a validator set.

This trend has been steadily gaining momentum in the crypto world over the past year, and Osmosis is well-prepared to welcome it with open arms.

Pipette and the Power of ‘cw-hyperlane’

Pipette, our bridge to the modular ecosystem, will leverage 'cw-hyperlane,’ an implementation by Hyperlane in CosmWasm. Developed by the renowned team at Manythings, who have made significant contributions to the Osmosis ecosystem through projects like IBCX and ION DAO, cw-hyperlane empowers Osmosis to seamlessly bridge the interchain to the modular ecosystem.

@jkol, co-founder of Hyperlane, made a proposal to upload the cw-hyperlane contracts to Osmosis, and had this to say:

“We’re incredibly excited to bring Hyperlane to Osmosis! With Hyperlane, trade routes can be opened up on Osmosis to any chain or rollup, permissionlessly and transcending the bounds of different environments. EVM chains, Cosmos chains, Solana, and soon Move chains and even more will all be accessible for Osmosis, enabling it to become a major liquidity hub for the ever expanding universe of chains.”

Addressing TIA Movement Across Chains

While TIA can move across chains using IBC, it’s worth noting that not every rollup currently supports IBC. This poses a challenge, as the movement of TIA—a first-class asset and the mandatory fee token for DA (Data Availability) transactions—can create user experience friction in the modular ecosystem.

Connecting the Stars: Osmosis and Celestia

Osmosis establishes a direct connection to Celestia via IBC, while Pipette connects directly to each rollup. This connectivity unlocks a wealth of benefits, granting rollups access to liquidity from various sources and harnessing the cross-chain user experience features and liquidity that Osmosis offers.

Celestia rollups can now:

  • Facilitate cross-chain payments using any token available on Osmosis.
  • Enhance TIA accessibility across the modular ecosystem and beyond.
  • Access Cosmos assets with ease through Osmosis liquidity.
  • Rapidly introduce new markets for rollup assets.

In simpler terms, Pipette enables two-way liquidity in Celestia rollups and the Cosmos ecosystem, all the while addressing user experience challenges.

Brewing in the Lab: Data Availability Fee Abstraction

Looking ahead, we’re exploring the potential of leveraging the fee abstraction module on Osmosis in conjunction with Celestia roll-ups. This will empower rollups to pay data availability fees on Celestia using their own assets, effectively addressing fee-related challenges that currently hinder the adoption of external ecosystems.

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Osmosis: Shaping the Future of Modular Blockchains

Osmosis is geared up to usher in the new era of modular blockchains within the Cosmos network. By delivering liquidity and applications essential for the growth of rollups, and being an early adopter of Celestia DA capabilities, the Osmosis ecosystem is poised to become the heart of the modular economy. We extend our congratulations to Celestia on this historic moment, and we’re excited to embark on this journey of innovation and collaboration in the blockchain universe.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to shape the future of DeFi and modular chains together. The possibilities are boundless, and we’re ready to explore them.



it’s great to see Osmosis working with Celestia and Hyperlane to bring together the interchain and Celestia ecosystems! exciting to see the degree of collaboration here, congrats to all the teams involved!

i had one question with respect to token fungibility. the flow of TIA from Osmosis to Celestia rollups via Hyperlane seems straightforward. in the other direction, if rollup tokens are sent to Osmosis from Celestia rollups via cw-hyperlane, can those tokens be sent via IBC to all other chains? i.e. will the tokens minted by cw-hyperlane on Osmosis be CW20 tokens which can then be converted to native Cosmos Coin representations via tokenfactory, or will the tokens be of a wrapped version that’s incompatible with the IBC transport layer?

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Exciting times!

I’m just curious, what are the differences between Osmosis’s Pipette and Neutron’s Nexus? Just going off the announcements, they sound extremely similar.