Osmosis <> SKALE

Hey everyone - I’ve been a long time fan of what you are building at Osmosis. It is clear that you are trying to build community driven, high quality, sustainable DeFi infrastructure.

I work with SKALE Labs to help scale on-chain applications with a 0-gas, instant finality, and horizontally scalable blockchain network. Right now, we are a top 10 chain in both UAWs and transactions and are looking to work with leading DeFi projects to expand our impact.

Our foundation has just approved a 50m token pool to help onboard these projects and acquire users. While many networks are looking for anyone to build DeFi applications on their chain, SKALE is looking to select just a small amount of top tier DeFi projects to share this token pool. I would to hear the community’s thoughts on bringing Osmosis over to SKALE to take advantage of our unique 0-gas network.


I think you made a mistake with copy-pasting the message :sweat_smile:

“on bringing GMX over to SKALE”

True :sweat_smile:

Fixed now!

I’m also putting a bit of urgency on this, we are in the final stages of deciding where to allocate our DeFi grant program, so earlier the better Osmosis has a chance of being onboarded!

Can you elaborate on what SKALE is, what you are trying to do, what the mutual benefit is, etc etc etc

We are an Ethereum scaling solution, meaning we increase the transaction capacity and throughput of blockchain projects. We have a huge blockchain ecosystem and a grant program we would love to consider Osmosis for.

Let me know if this sounds good, would love to schedule an introductory call if so!


Do you expect Osmosis to migrate completely to SKALE as underlying infrastructure?

Or more integrate the possibility to use SKALE on Osmosis as well?

The second one, to integrate the possibility to use SKALE on Osmosis as well!

Aaaah, and more create mutual pools or something alike?

I am a bit searching what you exactly want to achieve :stuck_out_tongue:
More like the end target to aim for.

I don’t quite understand what is being proposed? Osmosis is a standalone app chain, so it wouldn’t quite work to just “port” it over to Skale. What are ways you imagine collaborating?