Osmos and Atom disappears in holding and staking from my Keplr Wallet

I need answers and to know what happened to my OSMOS and ATOM funds? The funds were sent to a wallet that the only transaction it has was the one made on the day of the update and 6 months have already passed since what happened. How do I recover my funds or do I simply consider them lost?

There is no way to claim back funds from another wallet - it is likely that your seed phrase was compromised somehow. However the fact that they are sitting there after 6 months makes me think that his might be an alternate wallet or wrong address inputted. Were you active around that time?

You can also contact support at https://support.osmosis.zone/, who may be able to help get to the bottom of what happened - but if this is a compromised wallet, there are no solutions, unfortunately.

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Funds that left the wallet can’t be recovered.

But what update are you talking about? There was no update which required user interaction?

You probably fell for a phishing scam. I am very sorry but there’s not much we can do (as long as my assumption is correct)