Incentivise SUI/USDT Supercharged Pools

This proposal asks that the pools comprising the SUI/USDT Supercharged pairings created in Proposal 589 be added to the Osmosis incentives program and directly allocates 0.25% of incentives to each pool to bootstrap liquidity.

About Sui

Sui is a next-generation smart contract platform with high throughput, low latency, and an asset-oriented programming model powered by Move.


Target On-chain date: Latest of 30th August 2023 and Wormhole Gateway Launch

Are the bootstrapping incentives time-limited again? Because that is missing from the text ^^

It is rather short for your habit :stuck_out_tongue:

New system is waaaaayyyy simpler for onboarding.

Pools get added to the system and so need a “Bootstrapping level” even if none was set as part of the signalling prop. The default is actually 0.5% to do so because of the bootstrapping prop history. This would only be added at the monthly review if not set at the initial level.
However cause we are doing 2 pools I set these to 0.25% and propose directly allocating this since the monthly review process isn’t quite up and running yet.

From there the incentives either trail off at each review automatically or increase if more liquidity is needed. There maybe should be a maturity factor that allows almost total removal at the next incentives adjustment, but 0.5% of incentives is currently only 182 OSMO a day.

Thanks for your reply!

Maybe good to add in the proposal that the bootstrapping incentives are only set until the first review from the Incentives model. That would make it a lot more understandeable and more compareable to what we had “before”. It would make it very clear that the set 0.25% is not set forever, but temporarily until data is present for the model to make a good estimation of the required incentives to get the right level of liquidity.