Incentivise APTOS/USDT Supercharged Pools

This proposal asks that the pools comprising the APT/USDT Supercharged pairings created in Proposal 589 be added to the Osmosis incentives program and directly allocates 0.25% of incentives to each pool to bootstrap liquidity.

About Aptos

Aptos is the layer 1 blockchain engineered to evolve. Built with Move to create a home where developers build future-proof apps efficiently and enjoyably. Aptos is designed with scalability, safety, reliability, and upgradeability as key principles.


Target On-chain date: Latest of 30th August 2023 and Wormhole Gateway Launch

Also here, with time-limited incentives I’m ok with it.

Why not use redirected liquidity incentives in the community pool to bootstrap these new USDT paired pools?

Mostly because it gets quite awkward for smaller allocations, requesting a spend, that being appropriate and booting up a multisig to handle it. We need to have a group who handle this regularly in my opinion.

Proposal 593 will be a really good test of using DAODAO to allow a group with a fixed mandate from governance to distribute incentives tactically.

This would really improve the speed at which new pools get incentives too.