ICF Delegations Policy v2.0

Hihi Osmosis Community :paw_prints:

I’m Catdotfish and I’m Team Lead at the Interchain Foundation.
Some of you might know me for my Contributions to the wider ecosystem related to Community Support, Tutorials, Governance, Events (including the Osmosis Launch Party), and more.

I’m here today as ideator and PM of the Interchain Foundation Delegations Policy and I’m very excited to reveal that in this second iteration of the document we are going to open up our program to Osmosis!

About this second iteration of the ICF Delegations Policy
During our first consultation with the interchain community during the summer of 2022, in the interest of utilizing our delegations more effectively to promote decentralization and reward contributions of validator teams, several suggestions were made that didn’t become part of the first version of the policy.

They were not included in the first iteration due to:
● Complexities around 1) the objective measurement of the metrics, which could be done rapidly, consistently, and at scale, and 2) forming fair guidelines for certain subjective assessments
● We want to be able to deploy a policy, ensure its smooth and fair operation, and then iterate on it.

Following up on this and many other feedback, we are happy to highlight some of the points that heavily influenced this new iteration:
● We created a better-defined point system that is based on a range of points for each item considering complexity, time, and resources spent on it and not just 1 point per item
● Additionally, we implemented a CAP system to ensure fairness and distribution of resources and support among the whole active set
● We created new categories for Valuable Upcoming Contributions & Consumer Chains
● We are now opening the Delegation Program to two additional chains: Osmosis and IRISnet
● We cut the distinction between ecosystem/single-chain contributions

Your feedback is extremely important
This version of the policy is to be considered a living draft and we look to collaborate with our interchain community to ensure full alignment in both values and vision. I’m really looking forward to implementing this draft with your ideas and recommendations.

Deadline for feedback
This draft is going to be open for feedback in the Cosmos Hub, IRISnet, and Osmosis Forums till Friday, September 1st.

You can download the PDF Version here

Looking forward to the beginning of an amazing collaboration,

:cat2: Cat


Thanks for the post!

Some first questions popping up;

  • what are the current experiences with the delegation program? Things like time between the input and the execution of the outcome, assessment in general, impact on decentralisation, etc
  • what kind of budget are we talking about? I’m assuming you have (at least how I read it) a bag of OSMO to delegate?

Dear Osmosis Validators,

The ICF Delegations Cycle 2 begins!

We want to share our appreciation to the community for the feedback and valuable support in shaping the final document.

We kindly ask validators to review the policy carefully and submit their application before the deadline on September 30th.

Apply for the delegation : ICF Delegations Program: Cycle 2 starts now | by Interchain | The Interchain Foundation | Sep, 2023 | Medium

Will apply. Thank you for the post.

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