IBC Client Update Proposal for Cifer Chain

Hey Osmosis fam! :wave:

We’re thrilled to share some big news from CiferAI, and we need your support to make it happen. Get ready for the future of machine learning with decentralized federated learning – a game-changer that prioritizes privacy, security, and inclusivity like never before.

We’re gearing up to launch a cutting-edge blockchain network solely dedicated to decentralized machine learning. This is not your average project; it’s a groundbreaking initiative led by a team of former unicorn startup rockstars who are committed to pushing tech boundaries.

Unlike anything you’ve seen before, we’re building something Ethereum and other chains simply can’t deliver. But here’s the kicker – we need your vote to turn this vision into reality.

At CiferAI, we’re passionate about revolutionizing the machine learning landscape. Your vote will propel us forward, enabling us to leverage the ultra-secure and decentralized Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.

We understand that trust is paramount, so rest assured, we’re not here to scam anyone. We’re a dedicated team of innovators who firmly believe in the transformative power of decentralization.

Your support isn’t just a vote; it’s a step towards a future where machine learning is more democratic, representative, and ethical. It’s a future where communities like ours thrive.
Please, we can’t stress this enough – refrain from giving us a “NO” vote. A “NO” would not only set us back but also impose a significant capital burden.

Osmosis community, we’re counting on you to help us make history. Let’s shape the future together!

Vote here :point_right: Ping Dashboard - Cosmos Blockchain Explorer And Web Wallet

CiferAI Founders
Get to know us better :point_right: www.cifer.ai

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Hey guys please do not veto this lol he made a mistake with the proposal. Just vote no.

Hi, according to conversation in support chat. As I follow the instruction provided, please help me clarify which mistake we have made so we can make it right.

As I cannot find where to put the title and description in command line so the proposal seems to look like scam, but from Osmosis gov doc which can input title and text I still cannot find where to put client id, host chain and reference chain.

So please help me clarify the mistake so we can make it right when we resubmit.


We followed the provided documentation and used the command structure as instructed:
hermes upgrade client --host-chain <HOST_CHAIN_ID> --client <CLIENT_ID> --upgrade-height <REFERENCE_UPGRADE_HEIGHT>

Follow by
hermes tx upgrade-chain --reference-chain ibc-0 --host-chain ibc-1 --host-client 07-tendermint-0 --amount 10000000 --height-offset 60

However, our version of the command was:
hermes tx upgrade-chain --reference-chain osmosis-1 --host-chain cifer-1 --host-client 07-tendermint-13 --amount 400000000 --denom uosmo --height-offset 14749374

While reviewing other voting campaigns, I noticed that they included “title” and “description” fields in the voting portal. This led me to wonder if it’s possible to modify our proposal command to include “title” and “description” as well. If such modifications are indeed possible, I would greatly appreciate your guidance with a detailed example.

I apologize for the numerous questions, but the provided documentation seems to lack the necessary information. I have full confidence in your ability to assist us in this matter. Thank you for your help.

Referring to your reply on our forum (no veto, just vote no as we made a mistake with our proposal), I would like to clarify the mistake we made, suggest how we can fix it, and propose a solution to the issue.

A long time ago we had awesome frontends to push proposals on-chain…

However, they are not available anymore sadly. Doing governance proposals via the command-line is superdifficult with all the things which should be filled. A proper frontend with fields to complete would make life so much easier and more fool-proof.

@RoboMcGobo maybe something to put a grant on?
I have tried Cosmostation frontend a while back, but that was also not able to do what I wanted.

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DAODAO’s frontend is pretty awesome for this:

This particular message isn’t available - going to ask them about adding this.

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OMG, I never knew this existed lol

bookmarking this one