Does the community pool have opinions?

I should have realized this much earlier, but it seems that the osmosis community pool has developed a form of sentience, or something that cannot even have opinions has amassed very significant vote power on osmosis.

When the community pool chooses validators, what criteria does it use?

When the community pool is participating in a consensus failure situation, what aid does it provide?

When the community pool gets slashed, does it care?

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Yes! I believe it does!

Or phrased a different way, is Osmosis a DAO?

If the answer to that question is yes (which imo of course it is), it’s clear to me that Osmosis, as a DAO, has certain rights, wants, and needs above and beyond the sum of its individual members, for example:

The Osmosis DAO, through the use and deployment of its treasury or otherwise, is quite opinionated (with over 700 gov proposals to show for it). As it should be, imo!